Highest Paying Sociology Degree Jobs

In this article, we will take a look at some of the highest-paying sociology degree jobs. The diverse study of sociology examines how complicated human behavior and social interactions are.

Highest Paying Sociology Degree Jobs

Graduates with a sociology degree can work in academia, government, or the private sector, among other fields. There are a number of high-paying jobs that require a sociology degree that are worth looking into, though salaries can vary depending on the location, industry, and degree level.

13 Highest Paying Sociology Degree Jobs

Despite the fact that sociology is not typically thought of as a field with high pay, there are many career paths that can offer sociology graduates competitive salaries. Some of the highest-paying sociology degree jobs include:


Sociologists study society and social behavior, as the name suggests. To gain a better understanding of how people interact with one another and the larger social structures that influence our lives, researchers conduct research, analyze data, and develop theories. Academic institutions, governmental agencies, and nonprofit organizations are just a few of the places where sociologists can find employment. The average annual salary of a sociologist ranges from $44,000 to $56,000.

Market research analyst

To assist companies and organizations in making wise decisions about their goods and services, market research analysts conduct research on the state of the market. They gather information and conduct analyses on consumer trends, preferences, and purchasing patterns, as well as the success of marketing and advertising campaigns. Advertising, finance, and healthcare are just a few of the industries where market research analysts can find employment. Market research analysts’ average annual salary ranges from $60,000 to $97,000.

Policy Analyst

To ascertain the efficacy and potential impact of public policies, policy analysts conduct research and analysis. They are employed by governmental bodies, academic institutions, and charitable foundations. Sociology majors are valuable in this field because they have the ability to comprehend social structures and analyze how policies affect society. The average annual salary of a policy analyst ranges from $56,000 to $72,000.

Political Scientist

Political scientists research the history, structure, and functioning of political systems. To gain a deeper understanding of how governments and political institutions function, as well as how policies are created and carried out, they analyze data, develop theories, and carry out research. Politicians can find employment in educational institutions, the public sector, or the private sector. Political scientists’ average annual salary ranges from $55,000 to $122,000.

Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent helps clients in the purchase, sale, and rental of real estate in various areas. They might specialize in dealing with larger commercial properties or work with residential clients in smaller cities. As they publish real estate listings, draft contracts, coordinate property viewings, and compile a client list, their daily tasks can vary. A real estate agent can better understand and apply important concepts, such as social groups and demography, in their professional career with the aid of a sociology education. The average annual salary of real estate agents ranges from $43,000 to $57,000.

Survey Researcher

In order to collect information on people’s opinions, attitudes, and behaviors, survey researchers design and administer surveys. They examine the data and deliver their findings to clients, which could be for-profit or nonprofit organizations as well as businesses. Market research, politics, and academia are just a few of the fields where survey researchers can find employment. Survey researcher salaries range from $51,000 to $69,000.

Human Resources Manager

Human resources managers are responsible for managing employee benefits and compensation as well as recruiting, hiring, and training new hires. They also manage disputes and problems that might occur at work and make sure the company complies with all labor laws and regulations. Healthcare, finance, and education are just a few of the sectors where human resources managers can find employment. Human resources managers’ annual average salary ranges from $102,000 to $129,000.

Public Relations Specialist

Public relations professionals help businesses and organizations create and maintain a favorable public image. To promote the goods or services of their clients, they engage the media, create press releases, and plan events. Advertising, healthcare, and the government are just a few of the industries where public relations professionals can find employment. Public relations specialists’ annual salaries range from $42,500 to $64,000.

Administrative Officer

The administrative officer sets policies, controls the organization’s spending, and manages the department heads. They prioritize patient care by improving the procedures used in medical facilities. Administrative officers may be in charge of selecting healthcare providers, communicating information to management, and establishing work schedules for staff members, depending on the organization for which they work. Administrative officers can earn between $59,000 and $79,000.

Urban Planner

Urban planners design and develop plans for communities, cities, and regions. When making plans for housing, transportation, and land use, they take social, economic, and environmental factors into account. Because they are aware of the ways in which social structures and behavior affect urban development, sociology majors are an excellent fit for this field. Urban planner salaries per year range from $48,000 to $58,000.


A consultant provides a business with a unique perspective on a particular subject. A consultant may work with a business to develop training strategies or identify effective methods to reach its objectives, depending on their area of specialization. In order to enhance operations, boost sales, and raise brand awareness, they frequently collaborate with upper-level managers to create strategies and write marketing plans. The average annual salary of a consultant ranges from $63,000 to $147,000.

Sales Representative

A sales representative promotes the goods or services of an organization. They become familiar with what a business has to offer in order to best communicate the advantages of its products and services to prospective customers. They frequently possess strong communication and customer service abilities, which can aid them in boosting a business’s revenue. The average annual salary of a sales representative ranges from $51,000 to $69,000.


A lawyer makes presentations to an opposing attorney, jury, or judge using analytical and critical thinking skills. They gather proof to back up their client’s position by using their research expertise. A lawyer with a background in sociology might think about going into a field like immigration law, family law, criminal defense, or estate planning that fits their interests. Lawyers can earn between $81,000 and $194,000 annually.

Platforms to Find Jobs in Sociology

There are various platforms you can use to find sociology jobs. Some of these platforms include:

  • LinkedIn
  • HigherEdJobs

You can use these platforms to look for employment opportunities in the sociology sector. Be sure to frequently check for updates and submit applications for jobs that fit your background and interests.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualifications for a job in sociology?

The requirements for a sociology job vary depending on the position. For some entry-level positions, a bachelor’s degree in sociology or a closely related field may be necessary, whereas higher-level positions may call for a master’s or doctoral degree.

What kind of organizations hire sociologists?

Government agencies, non-profit organizations, research institutions, universities, private businesses, and consulting firms are just a few of the places where sociologists might work.

What skills do I need to work in sociology?

You’ll need effective communication and analytical skills, the capacity to gather and analyze data, the ability for critical thought and problem-solving, as well as an understanding of social theory and research techniques.

What can I do with a degree in sociology?

You can pursue a career in social work, criminal justice, public health, education, research, or human resources with a degree in sociology.

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