HEINEKEN Africa Foundation Scholarship 2022 – Sub-Saharan African countries

HEINEKEN Africa Foundation Scholarship 2022. Some of us would be familiar with the brand HEINEKEN. We won’t be wrong to point is to the fact that Heineken has over the years impacted largely human development in Africa and even beyond the African continent.

HEINEKEN Africa Foundation Scholarship 2022

Meanwhile,  HEINEKEN offers the Heineken Africa Foundation Scholarship 2022 for Sub- Saharan Africans. Heineken Africa Foundation Scholarship makes available social and economic wellbeing by investing in community ambitions that support its strategy and sustainability responsibilities via direct local donations, and shared-value projects.

Heineken Africa Foundation has committed about €10.7 million to over  100 projects. HEINEKEN Africa Foundation works in partnership with the HEINEKEN breweries in Sub-Saharan Africa and Non Governmental organizations.

HEINEKEN Africa Foundation Scholarship 2022

HEINEKEN Africa Foundation was founded in 2007, since its inception, the foundation has committed up to EUR 13,5 million to over 120 different projects focused on health and water. Every year, the Foundation spends approximately EUR 1 million.

For the operations of the HEINEKEN Africa Foundation Scholarship, each of the project partnerships is created between the HEINEKEN Africa Foundation, the local HEINEKEN brewery, and international (N)GO.

Usually, it is the foundation that provides funding and administrative assistance, while the local brewery supports through means of manpower, expertise, and monitoring, and then the (N)GO carries out the implementation process and every other step that comes with the project.

The Number of these Awards is not specified meanwhile, the application Deadline for HEINEKEN African Foundation Scholarship is 15th April 2022

Requirements for HEINEKEN Africa Foundation Scholarship

Here is an eligible HEINEKEN Africa Foundation Scholarship project proposal:

  • The project focuses on Mother & Child care or WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene)
  • It improves directly the health situation of needy communities living in the environment of a HEINEKEN Sub-Saharan African organization.
  • They ensure cooperation with global and/or local partners.
  • It has a measurable positive results
  • The project must be approved and motivated by the General Manager of the related HEINEKEN operation
  • Must be submitted to the HAF General Manager by the local HEINEKEN operating company
  • The project does not exceed the maximum requested amount of EUR 75,000 per year (with a 3-year maximum)

Meanwhile, please note that the HEINEKEN Africa Foundation Scholarship excludes projects that:

  • May lead to a direct commercial benefit for the local HEINEKEN operation
  • May replace health benefits currently provided to HEINEKEN employees and their family members
  • Focuses on adolescents (in the age of primary and secondary school)
  • Are research projects, scholarships, and medical or health-related events and conferences

Scholarship worth: Maximum requested amount of EUR 75,000 per year (with a 3-year maximum).

How to Apply for HEINEKEN Africa Foundation Scholarship

HEINEKEN Africa Foundation Scholarship Project proposals can only be submitted by the local HEINEKEN operating companies in close collaboration with an (N)GO.

Eligible Applicant whose project complies with the above criteria should kindly contact the local HEINEKEN operating company: https://africafoundation.heineken.com/our-footprint/ to further discuss their project proposal.

The Program Webpage is also available If you want to get more Details


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