Harvard University Admission Requirements – Harvard Courses and University Ranking

Speaking of Harvard University Admission Requirements, Harvard University is the oldest University in the United States of America. Also,  it is known to be among the most famous and prestigious universities in the world. Harvard University is named after its first benefactor John Harvard a clergyman. However, the University is located in the urban region of Boston in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The University is made up of 13 schools and institutes.

Harvard University Admission Requirements

Harvard University has more than 45 Nobel laureates, over 30 heads of state, and about 48 Pulitzer prizewinners. Also, it has over 323,000 living alumni, these include over 271,000 in the United States and nearly 52,000 in 201 other countries.

Harvard University Admission Requirements

Harvard University is a private institution founded in 1636. The institution utilizes a semester-based academic calendar. As earlier mentioned above is the oldest University originally it was founded to trained Congregational and Unitarian clergy though there is no affiliation with any denomination as reported by Wikipedia.org https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harvard_University

Harvard University has 13 schools and institutes which are in top-rankings. These include Business School, Medical School, Graduate Education School, Applied Sciences, Law School, School of Engineering, and John  F. Kennedy School of Government.

The University came into existence by the General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. As earlier mentioned, the University is named after a Puritan clergyman John Harvard. He died in 1638 leaving his library of 400 books and half of his estate to the young school then.

The Harvard University library system has remained the oldest collection in the United States so far and the largest private collection in the world.

Harvard University Ranking

Harvard University ranks one amongst the best in the tertiary institution

  • 1 Global University as a report by US News & World Report’s 2021
  • 3 in World University ranking as reported by QS 2021
  • 2 National University Ranking as reported by Us News & World Report’s 2021.

Harvard University stands out globally as an excellent center for learning and it’s always ranked number one among others.

Harvard Courses Ranking

  • 1 GMBA Ranking (Financial Times) 2020
  • 1 Accounting & Finance (QS 2020)
  • 4 Global MBA (QS 2021)
  • 5 PG Business and Economics (Times Higher Education) 2021.
  • 5 Entrepreneurship MBA (US News & World Report 2021)
  • 6 Graduate Business School (US News & World Report 2021) 2021
  • 1 PG Engineering and Technology (Times Higher Education)
  • 7 PG Computers (Times Higher Education, 2021

Harvard University courses rank higher in their various courses categories. Undergraduates, MBA Programs, and even research programs. See more at https://studyabroad.shiksha.com/usa/universities/harvard-university

Harvard University Admission

Gaining admission into Harvard University means you must have straight A’s in your college. The eligible GPA is 4.1.

The application fees differ based on the courses one intends to undertake. It ranges from, USD 80 – USD 105  Non a refundable fee. The applications deadline is January 1. The acceptance rate is 5% from the application.

Admission Requirements

Harvard University admission requires candidates to have high scores. The exact required eligibility varies from course to course.

Undergraduate Programs

Requirements for undergraduates programs are:

  • SAT or ACT (with or without Writing)
  • SAT score, two SAT Subject Tests additionally required
  • Avoid sending scores from both Math Level-1 and Math Level-2, if submitting two tests
  • IELTS/TOEFL is not required if English is the first language
  • IELTS/TOEFL scores are both accepted.

PG Programs

  • IELTS/TOEFL is not needed if English is the first language
  • TOEFL – minimum 80, however rarely any applicant with scores below 90 is admitted.
  • IELTS: a score of 6.5 is required and some programs may require higher scores

MBA Program

  • Three or four years


Harvard University has three main campuses, Cambridge, Allston (Boston), and Longwood. Also, the University has eleven major academic departments. This department is made up of ten facilities and the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study. The campuses are:

  • Harvard College
  • Harvard Medicine School
  • Harvard Divinity School
  • Harvard Law School
  • Harvard School of Dental Medicine
  • Graduate School if Arts and Sciences
  • Harvard Business School
  • Harvard Extension School
  • Harvard Graduates School of Design
  • Harvard Graduates School if Education
  • Harvard T. H. Chain School of Public Health
  • John F. Kennedy School of Government
  • Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

These are the academic department of Harvard University.

Studying at Harvard University is seen as a rare privilege for many, this is as a result of the standard built over the years by the institution.



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