13 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Uncle in December

It is indeed a privilege to have an uncle who cares so much. Well, you should know about the departure of your dada the next person to look up to as a father is your uncle who is your father’s brother.

13 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Uncle in December 2022

Hence, it is expected of you as a nephew or niece to treat him the same way you treat your dad, this would simply make him love you unconditionally.

With this understanding, you would agree with us on the fact that sending your uncle a happy new month prayer in December will not be a bad idea.

13 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Uncle in December

Are you confused about the right prayer to pray or send to your uncle? If that is the case, then you don’t have a problem because we got your back on this one. This article contains a list of 13 Happy New Month prayers for your uncle in December 2022. Read through as they are listed below:

  1. May God’s blessings and benevolence be your portion this new month and beyond in Jesus’ name. Happy New Month Uncle.
  2. May God continue to favour you in all ramifications this new month in Jesus’ name. Happy new month sir, I want you to know that I love you.
  3. Because you serve a living God, I pray that you will always have many reasons to smile, be happy and also grateful in all you do. Happy New Month sir.
  4. My endless prayer for you in this new month and beyond is unmerited favour and blessings. Blesses new month sir.
  5. May to new month bring all the beautiful things it has in store for you today and always. Happy New Month.
  6. In this new month, God will position you for promotion, blessings, favour, goodness, mercy and for greater achievement than ever before. Happy New Month!
  7. It is my endless prayer that the almighty God will change your status quo this new month, and give you a fresh beginning and new goals and aspirations this new month and always. Happy New Month my daddy!
  8. May God almighty bring wonderful and amazing opportunities your way this new month. May God grant the desires of your heart this new month and beyond. Happy new month sir.
  9. With joy in my heart, with happiness in my life and joy from within, I wish you a month filled with bliss and wonderful achievements. Happy new month uncle.
  10. I pray that God will bless you in a way you won’t be able to describe happy new month uncle.
  11. May God arise and cause his face to shine on you and keep you safe always sir. Blessed new month sir.
  12. I pray that you will reap God’s favour, peace and mercy in this new month. Happy new month sir.
  13. My prayer for you in this new month is that your eyes will not see evil in Jesus’ name. Happy New Month!

This is an amazing prayer point you can send to your uncle for the new month.

Happy New Month Message for Your Uncle in December 2022

Below is a list of new month messages you can send to your uncle in December:

  1. Happy new month to the most loving uncle in the world may your days be blessed beyond your imagination.
  2. Happy new month to you sir, my mentor and my father figure, may this e a season that will bring you joy happiness and fulfilment of all your dreams and aspiration.
  3. Having you as my uncle is a great blessing and a gift that has been given to me. Happy new month sir.
  4. There are many uncles in the world but you are one of a kind and am grateful to be your nephew. Happy new month sir.
  5. The first thought that comes to my mind when I think of uncles, is you sir and it is because no one else can take your place in my heart. Happy new month dear uncle.
  6. I pray that God will continue to bless you with great wisdom and understanding. Blessed new month sir.
  7. May the rest of your year be an awesome one for you in all ramifications. Happy new month.
  8. Happy new month uncle! I pray the lord continues to bless and keep you.
  9. You will never grow old because your heart is so young and pure that no amount of age can mar it. Happy new month sir.
  10. Happy new month sir, I pray that this season brings you all of God’s blessings.
  11. In this new month, your heart desires will be met and you will have no reason not to give thanks to God. Happy new month.
  12. My prayer for you sir is that this new month will be better than the previous one. Happy new month sir.
  13. An evergreen success that doesn’t fade away and prosperity are my prayers for you in this month and beyond. Happy new month.


Your uncle remains your biggest supporter after your dad and it’s only right to create a standing relationship with him. Thus, you can simply take advantage of this and send prayers to him every new month.



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