9 Happy Mother’s Day Prayers for Your Wife In 2023

How would you like to celebrate Mother’s Day with your wife this season? As bright and beautiful as she is, your wife deserves a Mother’s Day present. The best way to begin a Mother’s Day celebration with your wife is to make some prayers. Hence, this article on 9 Happy Mother’s Day Prayers for Your Wife in 2023 becomes useful.

9 Happy Mother's Day Prayer for Your Wife in 2023
9 Happy Mother’s Day Prayer for Your Wife in 2023

This article will receive some prayers and good wishes you can send to your wife this Mother’s Day celebration.

Mother’s Day Prayers for Your Wife

It doesn’t matter how new your marriage is, even If your wife has not got any kids yet, she is going to be a mother someday and she deserves some Mother’s Day treatment. In fact, she has already replaced your mom in terms of roles.

A Prayer of Blessings

Every day, Lord, you remind me how fortunate I am to be married to my wife. She is a lovely, kind, and patient lady who lives each day for You. Jesus, please help me to never stop being a blessing to her. Encourage me as I seek new ways to serve her. Help me to be in tune with her needs so that I can serve her in ways that truly benefit her rather than just make me look good. Amen.

Healthy Communication Prayer

God, I beseech You to assist me in having healthy communication with my wife. Give me the strength and patience to speak slowly and listen quickly. May we not irritate each other, but rather call each other out in love. Help me to be honest, and give me the humility to apologize frequently and forgive in the way that only You can. from this Mother’s Day onwards, help me have a better relationship with my wife, Amen.

Romance Prayer

Please, God, help me keep my wife and I’s romance alive. It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut and forget to constantly pursue each other. Assist me in approaching her as if it were our first date. I hope I can make her feel truly loved for the rest of her life, and that the butterflies never go away. But I can’t do it alone, God. Be with me and be my tenacity. Be there for my wife as well. And make her feel loved even when I fail. Amen.

Greater Things Prayer

God, how can I help my wife be her best self? She is an amazing wife and mother, but we get so caught up in our routines that we forget to push each other to greater heights. I ask for the strength to intentionally slow down. Please assist me in carrying out the promises I make to her. She is constantly taking care of us, but please assist me in giving her more time to do what she needs to do to take care of herself. Amen.

More Mother’s Day Prayers for Your Wife

Here are some more Mother’s Day prayers to say for your wife.

  • Dear lord, I thank you for the wife that you have given me. Thank you for the privilege of walking her down to the alter and going through life’s journey with her. I pray that you surround her shoulders with her cloak of love and that your truth will guide her every step. I also pray that your hope will come out of every breath she takes in. Come and cover her, lift her, guide her and into your goodness and your grace. Every day may she know that you are with her and you are at work in our union, Amen.
  • Dear Papa, I adore my wife; she is a treasure to me. I pray that you will be good to my wife and bless her. Fill her with joy during our happy times together. Shower her with good gifts as she helps others. Hear her when she begs for help. You love her even more because she is your child and precious to you. Please keep my wife safe while she is in your care. Amen.
  • Watch over my wife o eternal lord. Keep her safe. Let songs of love fill her heart, and renew her strength and health. Help her to be steady, inspire her, guide her footsteps, and bless her every single day.
  • Dear lord, thank you for thinking of my wife. Thank you for the honor of accompanying her on her life’s journey. I pray that you will wrap your arms around her shoulders, that your truth will guide her every step, and that your hope will burst forth with each new breath she takes. Come, Lord, and embrace her, lift her up, and lead her into goodness and grace. May I know every day that you are with us, that you are at work in our union, and that you are weaving your Kingdom into our lives.
  • Father in Heaven, My family is priceless. They bring me so much joy and are such a blessing. Thank you for directing my marriage to this wonderful woman and for watching over and guiding our love over the years. Thank you for my children and the wonderful times we’ve had together as they grew and developed in your care. Please keep an eye on them all, keep them safe, and cover them in your everlasting love. Thank you for being our father. Amen.

Happy Mother’s Day Wishes For your Wife

Want to make your spouse feel special and lucky to have you. Here are some sample Mother’s Day wishes you can send to her.

  • Mother’s Day greetings. Thank you for your unwavering love for our family, for your patience over the years, for your steady hope and quiet strength.
  • Happy mother’ day my love, you have been a dear wife and a mother indeed.
  • Happy Mother’s Day to the sweetest wife. You have always been a wonder to behold, a rare gem, my jewel, and the treasure of my heart. I want to say thank you for being an amazing mother to our children and the perfect partner for me. The world has become a better place because of you.
  • Happy Mother’s Day to my dear wife. You have guided our family with wisdom and you have comforted us with your love. Thanks for giving our children both roots and wings.
  • Happy Mother’s Day to you lovebird. We are quite a wonderful pair and I am so thankful for the beauty of our family and the love you have given to us.

More Mother’s Day Wishes For your Wife 

  • To my darling wife, I want to wish a happy Mother’s Day. You are so beautiful and kind. Your love is the light of our family.
  • Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful and beautiful wife. The family you have formed with me has become my greatest joy and your friendship is my sweetest gift. I love you now and forever more, amen.
  • Happy mother’s day to you honey, you are the most incredible wife any man can ever ask for and the most amazing mother ever. Our family is beyond lucky to have you.
  • Happy Mother’s Day darling wife. The way you love so completely, truly and so compassionately, you are an inspiration and the light to our family.
  • You are my wife and my best friend. Also, you are such an amazing mother to our children. I cannot imagine parenting without you by my side. You are my partner I crime, my best friend, my soul mate every day of my life and forever.


Those are some very good prayer points and Mother’s Day wishes for your wife this year. Do not forget that the celebration does not end in prayer, give her some mother’s day treatment too.



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