9 Happy Mother’s Day Prayer for Your Mama In 2023

This article will contain 9 Happy Mother’s Day Prayer for Your Mama in 2023. With these prayers, you can put a smile on the face of your mother. It’s a fact that mother’s day is around the corner and there are lots of ways to make the celebration worthwhile for your mother.

Happy Mother's Day Prayer
9 Happy Mother’s Day Prayer for Your Mama in 2023

To start the celebration for her, you can send her some happy Mother’s Day prayers. Afterward, you can get her some amazing gifts.

Mother’s Day Prayers to Honor, Bless, and Encourage Your Mom!

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite Mother’s Day prayers for you to honor your own mother, as well as prayers for moms to use as they seek God’s goodness and grace in their motherhood journey. God bless all mothers and grant them courage and faith!

Mother’s Day can elicit a range of emotions in many women. There are those who are expecting their first child, stepmothers who are unsure of their role, those who have lost their mother and are faced with grieving on Mother’s Day, moms who are hurt because their children have turned away from God, and those who are overwhelmed with pain from the loss of a child.

Your prayers or good wishes can surely put a smile on their faces or lighten their hearts.

Here are some prayers you can send to your mom this upcoming mother’s day.

A Mother’s Day Prayer of Thanksgiving

Dear Father, we come to you on behalf of the mothers you have entrusted with the care of your most precious children. We thank you for endowing each mother with a distinct set of abilities and talents. We thank you for the self-sacrifice that each mother makes for her children. For the late-night rocking of a colicky infant. For the hands that have become calloused as a result of washing, wiping, scrubbing, mixing, backing, stirring, hugging, patting, disciplining, holding, writing, erasing, painting, and pouring.

A Prayer of Blessings for Mothers

Dear Jesus, Today, bestow the highest spiritual blessings on every mother and grandmother. Confirm in her heart and spirit the work of her hands and the love she has freely given to the children in her care. Validate her worth on a daily basis so she never has to wonder if she is loved, valued, and cherished by her Heavenly Father.

A Mother’s Day Prayer of a Son to His Mother

Thank you very much for Mama. Thank you for the woman who gave birth to me and has always loved me. I’m thankful for her influence on my life, her presence, and her love. Thank you for every time she came to pick me up from school and every time, she assisted me in healing from heartbreak.

A Prayer for Hurting Mothers

You are completely trustworthy. You have All Power, all ability and you are Lord over all situations, no matter how difficult they appear to be. O lord, You are a Healer, and you will never waste the pain we are experiencing today. You will make use of everything in some way. With you, anything is possible. Nothing is too challenging for you. We pray that you bring all solutions to our problems and give my mom all the joy she deserves, Amen.

Prayer to Be a Light

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for granting me the honor of having a mother. I pray that you will assist her in being a beacon that shines the light of Christ to all her children as well as the children with whom I come into contact throughout the day. You are the Light of the World, and I pray that she will reflect that light today. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

A Prayer for A Stressed-Out Mom

Lord, I thank you for my mom and the life you have given to her. I pray that you will give her the grace to overcome all the troubles of life.
may her pains be taken away by your love and may she see every reason to be happy, Amen.

Mother’s Day Prayer for God’s Protection

May the good lord protect the woman that kept me safe all through my childhood, the one who watched over my cradle bed, the one whose sacrifices know no boundaries, My Mother.

Lord. I pray that you give her divine protection where ever she goes and fights against those who have decided to fight against her. Amen.

Mother’s Day Prayer for Peace

O Lord, I pray that you give my mother divine peace. Grant her peace through all the storms and send your heavenly angels, and your ministering spirits to take all her troubles and problems away.

There is no greater peace she can get than seeing all her children and grandchildren perform better and live healthily. I pray for your blessings upon all her children, Amen.

A Prayer for Joy for Your Mother

I pray for the joy of the lord to strengthen my mom through every situation of life. Give her continuous blessings and situations to always keep her happy in life, Amen

Short Mother’s Quotes for Your Mom

Send these quotes to your mother this coming Mother’s Day to put a smile on her face.

  • My mother: very beautiful, softened at the edges and tempered with a spine of steel. When I grow older, I want to be like her.
  • Youth fades, love drops, the leaves of friendship fall, but the secret hope of my mother outlives all these things.
  • My mother was my role model, even before I knew what the word meant.
  • The hug of my mother lasts longs after she leaves.
  • My Mother’s love is more beautiful than any fresh flower.
  • “The love of a mother is everything. It is the event that brings a child into this world. It shapes their entire being. When a mother sees her child in danger, she is capable of doing anything. Mothers have lifted automobiles off their children, destroying entire dynasties. The love of a mother is the most powerful energy known to man.
  • Mothers hold the hands of their children for a short while but their hearts forever.
  • If love is as sweet as a flower, then my mother is that flower.
  • When I look at my mother, I look at the purest love I’ll ever know.
  • “A mother is clothed with strength and dignity, laughs without fear of the future. Her words are wise, and she gives instructions with kindness.” —Proverbs


You can get her all the good gifts but saying a prayer for her is by far one of the best things you can ever do for your mom.



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