Grow with Google Scholarship: How to Apply For the Grow With Google Scholarship

Grow with Google Scholarship in partnership with Udacity is a program that is aimed to help Americans with the skills needed to prepare for and find a good job.

The new scholarship initiative will help provide every of the recipient with the opportunity to learn new skills, launch and improve on their career, and unlock their hidden potentials.

Grow with Google Scholarship

We are now past the time where the use of technical skills only applies to technology. In today’s world, skills such as web and mobile development are very relevant to every industry. There are also lots of open software development jobs available.

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Grow with Google Scholarship

Grow with Google scholarship and Udacity are using this scholarship program to aid and provide world-class and top-notch learning opportunities to over 50,000 people across the United States, Africa, and India.

The Udacity Google scholarship program 2020 is part of the Grow with Google initiative that the CEO of Google Sundar Pichai unveiled at a press event.

As we move gallantly into a transformative age that brings with it a lot of significant changes to the hiring landscape, Udacity and Google are keen on providing meaningful skills that people will need to be successful in this modern economy.

Field of Study

The Grow with Google Scholarship is available for learners at all levels. From the level of beginners who have never even written a  line code to experienced developers. The scholarships are based on software development for Android (mobile) and the web, which represent a big portion of the available roles in the job market today.

Eligibility for the Google Scholarship

Below is the criteria you are expected to meet before you can be eligible for the Udacity Google Scholarship;

  • You must be at least 18years old before you can apply for the Audacity scholarship.
  • You must be residing in the U.S
  • You will have to choose a learning path, either Web Developer or an Android Developer

Once you are accepted you will be placed on one of the two available tracks depending on your existing experience and skills, either as a beginner or intermediate. After that, the learning begins properly. Then the top students from each track will earn full scholarships to one of our Web Android Development Nanodegree programs.

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How to Apply For the Grow With Google Scholarship

Below are the steps of applying for the Grow with Google Scholarship;

To get more information on the application proper click here.

Scholarship Deadline

To get the deadline for the scholarship kindly visit this link

The Two Phases Of the Grow with Google Scholarship

The program is divided into two phases namely;

  • Web developer
  • Android developer

The Web developer path: this program has 25,000 available seats for the web developer path. So if you get accepted, you will be placed into one of the two available tracks based on your personal experience levels which are explained below;

  • The beginner track; they have 15,000 seats available here. Top 1,500 students from this track  will be awarded scholarships to the Front End Web Developer Nanodegree program
  • The intermediate track; in this track, they require some programming experience like 3-month access to Offline Applications with support from Udacity mentors, and build next-generation and responsive web applications to grow as a developer.

The Grow with Google Scholarship is aimed to help prepare people with the skills they need to prepare for and find a good and secure well paying job. To get more information on the Grow with Google Scholarship kindly click here.

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