Government of Japan JET Programme 2024 – APPLY NOW

The Government of Japan JET Programme 2024 is now accepting applications from young graduates worldwide. This initiative, funded by the Government of Japan through the Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme (JET), seeks to foster international understanding and cooperation.

Government of Japan JET Programme 2024
Government of Japan JET Programme 2024

All interested candidates are welcome to apply however, applicants must ensure they meet the specified eligibility requirements.

The JET Programme Details

The Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme, was initiated in 1987 with the cooperation of several countries. In 2019 alone, the programme engaged over 5,000 participants from 57 countries.

The primary objective of the JET Programme is to facilitate internationalization in Japan by bridging the gap between the Japanese people and those from around the globe.

The JET Programme is multifaceted, as it focuses on various aspects of international exchange and education. Participants are given the unique opportunity to work in local authorities, public, and private elementary, junior high, and senior high schools across Japan.

This noble mission is carried out in collaboration with local authorities and organizations, including the Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR), the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), the Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT).

JET Programme Positions and Duties

The JET Programme offers various positions and responsibilities, to promote internationalization and foster language education. Participants will engage in the following key roles:

  • Assisting in Foreign Language Classes: Supporting language classes in elementary, junior high, and senior high schools.
  • Participating in Language Activities: Engaging in foreign language activities in elementary schools.
  • Preparing Teaching Materials: Assisting in creating teaching materials for foreign language classes.
  • Teacher Training: Providing support for the training of foreign language teachers.
  • Extracurricular and Club Activities: Collaborating on extracurricular and club activities.
  • Language Consultation: Offering language-related guidance to teachers and consultants.
  • Supporting Speech Contests: Assisting in foreign language speech contests.
  • Local International Exchange: Participating in local international exchange initiatives.
  • Additional Duties: Carrying out any other tasks that supervisors or school principals deem necessary.

How to Apply for the Government of Japan JET Programme 2024?

Applying for the JET Programme is a competitive process that varies depending on your home country.

  • Kindly refer to the JET Programme Leaflet via this link
  • Alternatively, you can contact the Japanese embassy in your country for specific application requirements and instructions.
  • Though the application process may be rigorous, the rewards are substantial.
  • Successful applicants receive a one-year term of appointment with an organization in Japan.

Official link:

Application Deadline

The application deadline varies, hence, applicants must regularly check the official webpage for further details and specific deadlines.



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