Japan Movies App – Ten Apps to Watch and Stream Japanese Movies

Are you looking for japan movie app? If you are then I have just the right place for you. Over the years the Japanese movie has been growing in popularity. It is not just growing but it is at an increasingly alarming and impressive rate.

Japan Movies App

An industry that is only popular around its region is now known all over the world. From its drama to action to anime, it now seems that anything they lay their hands on becomes an instant hit. Anything that just comes out of the Japanese movie industry is so good, that we cannot just get enough.

Japan Movies App

Although it has just gained popularity in its movies, the Japanese movie industry has been known all over the world for its popular productions of animations or anime. One very notable one is ‘Naruto’. An animated movie that has everyone at the edge of their seats. This industry is not just one of the largest movie industries in the world, but also one of the oldest.

This is something most people don’t know about the platform. Do you know that one of the first film screenings in Japan took place in 1897 in Osaka? Yes, that is true.  What is now known as war and samurai movies was once known as kabuki performances?

With the popularity of Japanese movies and productions, various platforms and apps have been set up and established to especially cater to japan movies.

Ten Platforms to Watch and Stream Japanese Movies

Below are the top ten platforms online where you can watch and stream Japanese movies.

  • Fandor.
  • Ice films.
  • KissAsian.
  • J-Addicts.
  • CD Japan.
  • PearlTree.
  • DramaMate.
  • HD popcorns.

On these platforms, you can easily watch and stream Japanese movies for free. No account needed or sign-up fee.

Apps to Watch and Stream Japanese Movies

Below is a list of apps to watch and stream japan movies;

  • VIKI Rakuten.
  • Korean movies.
  • KR drama.
  • Lee lee.
  • Korean movies and dramas.
  • Drama cool.
  • Kdrama.
  • Kamdroid.
  • Dramania.
  • Asian drama.

These are the top ten apps where you can stream and watch Japanese movies. There are other apps to watch Japanese movies, but these are the best. This is a personal list. To download these apps, visit your device’s app store. From the app store, search for japan movie apps.

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