Google Takes Down The Paytm App For Violating Policies

Did you notice? Google takes down the Paytm app for violating policies. As an Indian, you should have noticed that in the early hours of Friday the 18th day of September 2020, the Paytm app was not available on the Google play store? While Paytm was seen as a direct competitor to Google’s pay, the same persons saw this move as a boss man move to weaken the position of the app in the region. But after being updated by Google on the situation, we got to find out that the reason for this move is entirely different and in the course of this article I will be sharing it with you. Therefore all you have to do is to continue reading.

Google Takes Down The Paytm App For Violating Policies

Google Takes Down The Paytm App For Violating Policies

Paytm, one of the leading tech startups in India at the moment, if not the leading tech start-up in the region. Owned by one97 communications, this platform allows you to transfer cash into an integrated wallet through debit and credit cards, cash deposits on selected banks and financial institutions, online banking and so much more. This app can therefore be generally seen as a mobile wallet. Paytm is the direct competitor of Google pay, Google’s own mobile wallet which is the leading mobile wallet platform and app in the region. With the Paytm app. You can do many things like paying for your utility bills such as water and electricity bills. You can also book tickets such as bus, train, and flying tickets with this app and so many more.

However, controversies were sparked when Google took the app from the Google play store in the early hours of Friday morning. This meant that at the time users could not download or get updates from the app. But, however, users with the app could still carry out their normal functions with the app already downloaded to their devices. Few moments after the app was removed from the Google play store, Paytm released an official statement via their twitter handle, announcing to users about the temporary unavailability of the app on the Google play store. Other pieces of information passed were that the app will be back very soon. And that the money of uses were safe and that they can also enjoy the app as they used to.

Why Was The Paytm App Removed From The Google Play Store

The Paytm app was removed from the Google play store simply for violating the policies of the play store. Google over the years, has been known to be very strict by developers regarding their policies. The policy put in place by Google on their app store is to keep app users safe they have reiterated time and time again. And if they come across any app on their platform violating any of their policies. The said app is taken down immediately. So while some persons may see the move as one to weaken Paytm’s stake in the country in favor of Google Play. This is entirely not true, well according to what was reported, I can only say at the moment.

The policy violated by Paytm is Google’s policy on gambling. Sporting bet as you may know is banned and not allowed in India. But fantasy sports as you should know also is not deemed illegal in some states in the region. While fantasy sports may not be seen as betting. It sure does reward users if their favorite teams or players do well. It is also reported that Google has also asked Disney+ hostar, a video streaming service in India. One of the most popular at that to always display a warning message before displaying ads about fantasy sports app.

Google has always kept their stand on how the policies on the platform are made to protect users from potential harm. And whenever an app violates these policies, the developer of the app is notified immediately. And the app is taken from the Google play store until the app comes in compliance with the policies of the platform.

What Paytm Has To Say Regarding The Removal Of The App From The Google Play Store

While acknowledging the fact that Google reached out first. And also raised some concerns about the Paytm first games which is a fantasy app. The platforms have accused Google of not allowing them to acquire new users. The company further went on to say that the issue was over nothing within the main Paytm app. But paying cashback to customers. The cash backs offered by the company were cricket-themed scratch cards. The cashback stickers were released early Friday and immediately Google raised concerns which led to the suspension of the app.

Is The Paytm App Back On The Google Play Store

Yes, the Paytm app is now back on the Google play store. Immediately the app was suspended from the platform. The company had to withdraw the feature that made the suspension to take place. And a revised version of the app was submitted to the google play store. And after a successful review, the app has been reinstalled on the Google play store. Users can now access updates and downloads of the app.


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