Amazfit Band 5 Fitness Tracker with Alexa Built-in And Other Amazing Features

It’s clearly the season for smartwatches and fitness trackers, no doubt. There are so many in the market today that one might find it increasingly difficult to go with one. But however there is one thing similar to most of the smart and fitness watches in the market today, and what is this? Most of the fitness and smartwatches available in the market today all possess the same or similar features. Lastly one can therefore say that choosing a smart and fitness watch shouldn’t be a cause for concern. As most of these watches and trackers offer the same features, you can easily just select one and go with it and this is what the Amazfit band 5 brings to the market and the table, something new.

Amazfit Band 5

Amazfit Band 5

What is the Amazfit band 5? The Amazfit band 5 is a fitness tracker and also a smartwatch. Over the past few months, this very fitness tracker product has been making the rounds on the internet as it promises to be an interesting and fun product to get a hold of and ultimately make use of. Most smart or fitness tracker products these days offer really cool features don’t get me wrong. But one thing is that they all offer and bring the same thing to the table. There is basically no difference with them. The only difference that may come with the various ones currently in the market may be design and looks. But with Amazfit band 5, it has got everything other fitness trackers have and it also has other distinct features most of these other fitness trackers do not have.

Amazfit Band 5 Features

One of the reasons this band has been making the headlines these past weeks and months is its features. Although still new and not even yet available in some markets, the company has promised this fitness tracker band to be all worth the hype. Well, I guess they are not wrong. In order to better understand this app better, I will e making a list of the features embedded within it. This band comes with a series of metrics that will help you once you have completed an activity in one of its 11 different sport modes. This product has a heart rate sensor that helps tracks your BPM all through your workout. It also helps break down the number of minutes you spend in heart rate zones and this is ranging from intensive to relaxed situations.

This fitness band also comes with some sleep tracking and stress monitoring features. As seen over the decade, deprivation of sleep and stress is one of the leading causes of death among people. This band however will help you with basic and necessary pieces of information. That will help you calculate your sleep and also help with stress. Although this app features something similar to other products in the market when it comes to sleep and stress tools, it’s the accuracy of it that matters here. One very important feature of the sleep and stress tracking feature of this app is that it can help calculate how much deep and light sleep you are getting each night.

These days’ people are trooping into health facilities and institutions because of blood oxygen readings and monitoring. With this smart product, it doesn’t have to be so. The Amazfit band 5 can help with your blood oxygen readings and in the process taking a butt load of work from the doctors. In terms of the battery life of this fitness tool. The product claims to last up to 15 days on one charge as it boasts a 125mAh battery life feature.

And lastly, the notifications feature of this smart tracking band is top-notch, something that I have never seen before. With the notifications feature, I could choose the notifications I want to receive. And could even decline calls I don’t want to get. Cool, right. And lastly, although Alexa is in place, the tool isn’t effective as of yet. An update coming over the air will make this feature come to life, so you have to be on the lookout.

Amazfit Band 5 Price And Availability

As amazing as this product is its just available for $50.00 or less. So what do you need the apple watch 6 for? With this product, you can get the very best. And never seen before features available in the market for a cheaper price. For users in the US, the Amazfit band 5 will be available for pre-order as of September 21st for $49. 99. This product can only be purchased through Amazon and it will be shipped on November 30th. This tool will only be available in other markets for pre-order in October, so sit tight.


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