Google Play Games Services: A Simple Guide to Download Google Play Games

Gamers around the World, you are definitely going to enjoy this article. Google Play Games Services in case you don’t already know is an online gaming service and software development kit operated by Google. This information is verified on Wikipedia. You definitely would be interested to learn that this amazing piece of app developed by google features gamers profile, cloud saves, achievements, and social public leaderboards. That’s not even the best part. The best part of it is that it features enhanced and real-time multiplayer gaming capabilities. For game developers, this service allows you to incorporate the features mentioned earlier into your games without having to build from scratch. Cool right? Now is the time you learn more about the Google Play Games services.

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Google Play Games

A little bit of history about the Google Play games is that it was introduced at the Google I/O 2013 Developer Conference. The standalone Google Play games mobile app was launched for Android devices on the twenty-fourth of July 2013 (24/07/2013). Note that this app is currently for android users only. Since the launch of this amazing app, several updates have been made and each making it better than it used to be. What’s fun is that in the course of its several updates, a screen recording feature has been added. I am quite sure that not everybody knows about this.

More About Google Play Games

The basic truth is that Android games are more fun with the Google Play Games app. It is simply a one-stop gaming dashboard where all your games are compiled together. It is called a dashboard because it provided you with a list of all your games in a single place. If the games you have on your device have Google Play Games support, you can view things like achievements. Another interesting fact is that the app games you’ve played, the ones you’ve played recently, and the ones you currently have installed on your device. This makes it easy for you to decide on apps you no longer have need of.

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Feature of Google Play Games

Below are listed some of the features of the Google Play Games.

  • Easily manage your games on one screen.
  • Instantly play games, there is no need for installation.
  • A number of built-in Google Play games are available at your disposal.
  • Your progress is automatically saved to the cloud when you see the “Progress saved by Play Games” notification.
  • You can create a custom gamer ID, unlock achievements, earn XP and level up.
  • Ability to try uninstalled games before installing.

There are several other benefits attached to the play games services and you can find out all of them by installing the application today.

How to Download and Install Google Play Games

Downloading and Installing Play games is actually simple and fast. More so, it is free. The guide below will help you in successfully downloading and installing Play games.

  • Get your android device and turn it on.
  • Connect it to the internet and open the Play Store.
  • Next, tap on the search bar and search for Play games.
  • Tap on the official play games app. The official play games app is the one developed by Google LLC.
  • Now, tap on the “Install” or “Update” button depending on the option displayed to you.

Above is how you can easily download and install the play games app on your device. The moment you open the app, you would be prompted to continue with the Gmail account signed in on your device. Simply tap on the Gmail account or add a new one and you are set.

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