Google Pixel 5 Deals – Best Deals for Google Pixel 5 in 2021

Checking out Google Pixel 5 Deals is just right to get a discounted quality phone. This latest device from the tech giant is outstanding. Although huge price cuts on unlocked devices have evaded us to date, carrier promotions continue to be particularly strong.

Google Pixel 5 Deals

Verizon on its own probably has its best set of Google phone deals yet in the week. There are amazing Google Pixel 5 Deals you can check out just below.

Google Pixel 5 Deals

Following this device’s 2020 October 15th release date, we’ve had Google Pixel 5 deals for nearly half a year now.

And, unlike the new iPhone 12 releases, there have actually been some great discounts thus far. We have seen a $100 cut on price on unlocked devices from Best Buy for instance. And even a $300 online exclusive discount at Verizon over Black Friday.

Google Pixel 5

What a remarkable phone the new Google Pixel 5 is. In some ways, it is very much an upgrade to last year’s Google Pixel 4. Retaining some key features and even bolstering key specs,

But in others, it will be considered a reasonably iterative improvement with even some of the well-considered cuts from the tech giant.

Google has hugely upped the battery on the new Pixel 5 to 4,000mAh. And this is a much bigger battery power than the two 800mAh on the previous model.

You’re also getting plenty more RAM here, now bolstered up to a flagship standard 8GB. Curiously, however, Google opted to cut the processor low to the mid-range Snapdragon 765G.

A key cost-saving measure, and almost a match up to the Snapdragon 865 and Snapdragon 865 Plus. Which is featured on the OnePlus 8 Pro and Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

Best Google Pixel 5 Deals

Here are some top Google Pixel 5 Deals:

Google Pixel 5: from Verizon.

Verizon’s Google Pixel 5 deals have remained pretty constant for a few months now. Much to our delight, these are probably the best we have seen since Black Friday.

Right now, you have options between a ‘buy-one get-one free’ promo. Which will get you an extra device for free of charge once you purchase the first with a brand-new unlimited plan.

Google Pixel 5: $24.17 per month at AT&T

We’re currently waiting on another set of Google Pixel 5 deals to land at AT&T. After the recent offerings all sold out pretty quickly.

Fingers crossed we’ll see a return to the carrier’s best promotion yet. Which was this device for just $10 a month with a brand-new unlimited plan and trade-in.

Google Pixel 5 (unlocked): $649.99 from Best Buy

Unlocked Google Pixel 5 deals are incredibly rare, and it has been since this device’s launch. You’ll get yourself a nifty $50 rebate on activation immediately from Best Buy.

This does offer the most affordable price overall on unlocked devices right away without trade-ins.

Google Pixel 5 (unlocked): $699.99 from Google Store

There are no available deals for specifically purchasing a Google Pixel 5 from Google itself currently.

Although Google does offer its own trade-in programs like rivals Apple and Samsung. You’ll currently get around $175 for a Google Pixel 4 for now. So, this is a pretty good option if you are looking to upgrade and go unlocked too.

Google Pixel 5 (unlocked): $699.99 from Amazon

Amazon also stocks unlocked Google Pixel 5’s, and, just like the official Google Store also runs its own trade-in program.

Amazon tends to like offering big discounts on unlocked Android devices around seasonal sales events.

Google Pixel 5 (unlocked): $699.99 from BH Photo

Unlocked Google Pixel 5’s can even be picked up from B&H currently. Another fantastic retailer for tech.

Unfortunately, just like the Google Store and Amazon, B&H has held its cards pretty near to its chest with regard to discounts.

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