Find My Android Phone – How to Find your Android phone

You can Find Your Android Phone or tablet remotely. So, if you do not know where your Android phone is, you’ll be able to easily track it to retrieve it. If your Android device is signed in to your Google account it is easy to use the company’s Find My Device.

Find My Android Phone

This allows you to remotely track your Android phone, also play a sound on it, lock it, and erase data if you would like.

Find My Android Phone

This technique only works if the device has signal, data, or location on it. And even then, it is often temperamental.

But it is a useful way of finding a lost phone anyway. We’ll run through the way to use the service below.

Note: If you think your smartphone or tablet to be stolen, don’t use this service to try and retrieve it by yourself. Instead, head to your local law enforcement department.

How to find your Android phone

The first thing you will need to do is head over to find My Device, Google’s tracker website.

  • Either search it in Google or just click this link to directly get there.
  • Next, you will be required to sign in to your Google account using your email and password. This should not be too hard, as long as you remember them.
  • Next, you will be presented with the location.
  • On the left at the top section is a list of the devices you’re signed in to you will be shown options of phones you are signed to.

So, it’s likely the right device will already be selected. If not, click on it from the section.

The majority of the page is occupied by an enormous map, with a pin on it. Hopefully pointing straight where your device is.

If Find My Device can’t locate your phone, you’ll try again by clicking the round arrow by the image of your phone.

Which will command tell the tracker to try again. Hopefully, at this time, it’ll find your device.

What will you do once you’ve located your phone?

If you’ve found your phone and you’ll easily retrieve it great, crisis averted. But you would possibly need to head to certain lengths to search out your handset.

The primary option is Play Sound, which can make your device play a shrill sound for up to five minutes.

If someone’s near your phone, this may alert them to the actual fact you are looking for it, so hopefully they will assist you out.

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