Google IT Support Professional Certificate Salary – Average Salary that Google IT Support Would Get You

Google IT Support Professional Certificate would get you the best salary just after a 6 month period of online learning. Google IT support has offered a lot of people Knowledge and an opening to get the best IT jobs available at the moment, and below I would be stating details if the jobs for you.

Google IT Support Professional Certificate Salary

With Over 5 courses to learn, you would acquire in-demand skills that would fetch your entry-level jobs. The program would get you prepared for the CompTIA A+ exams, the industry-standard certification for IT- you would receive dual credentials when you round up both of them. It is an ACE® certified program when you complete the certificate You would acquire up to 12 college credits, the equivalent of 4 associate degree-level courses.

Google IT Support Professional Certificate salary

After completing the training, with the certificate, you can apply directly for jobs with Google and over 130 U.S. employers, of which Walmart, best buy, and astreya are included. Currently, there are over 340,500 U.S job openings in IT and about $50,800 average entry-level salary in IT support. Available jobs positions for IT Support include:

  • Database administrator
  • IT specialist
  • IT support specialist
  • IT technician
  • IT assistant
  • Computer user specialist
  • Network engineer
  • Help desk technician
  • Tech support specialist
  • Systems analyst

What Google IT Support Professional Certificate Offers its Students

Below is what you would learn after the 6 months of training for the Google IT Support Professional certificate. They include:

  • Be educated on how to perform day-to-day IT support tasks including computer assembly, wireless networking, installing programs, and customer service
  • You would acquire the skills required to succeed in an entry-level IT job
  • Learn how to make use of Systems including Linux, Domain Name Systems, Command-Line Interface, and Binary Code.
  • Gain skills on how to make provision for end-to-end customer support, which ranges from identifying problems to debugging and troubleshooting.

Applied learning project

Over 100 hours of instruction and hundreds of practice-based assessments is included in the program and would further stimulate the real-world IT support scenarios that is very critical for success in the workplace. It has highly interactive exclusively developed by Google employees with decades of experience in IT.

Through video mix, assessments, and hands-on labs, you would be introduced to troubleshooting, customer service, networking, operating systems, and a security foundational IT skill that is needed for an entry-level job.

Skill to Acquire Will Include

  • Network protocols
  • Systems administration
  • Windows operating system
  • Linux command line
  • Cloud computing
  • Encryption algorithms and techniques, and more.

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