Google Is Set To Bring Android Games to Windows Come 2022

Google is set to bring android games to windows come 2022. Fans and enthusiasts all over the world should be excited as Google play games will be coming to PC next year.

Google Is Set To Bring Android Games to Windows Come 2022

Google Is Set To Bring Android Games to Windows Come 2022

The search giant company is planning to bring android games to the Windows PC in the coming year, 2022. The feature is built by Google in a bid to allow games from the Google play platform to run smoothly on Windows PCs, tablets, and laptops.

In a statement to tech news website and platform, The Verge, Greg Hartrell which is Google’s product director of games on android and Google play said, “starting in 2022, players will be able to experience their favorite Google Play games on more devices: seamlessly switching between a phone, tablet, Chromebook, and soon, Windows PCs. This Google-built product brings the best of Google Play Games to more laptops and desktops, and we are thrilled to expand our platform for players to enjoy their favorite Android games even more.”

What Google Had To Say

Spokesperson to Google, Alex Garcia-Kummert tells the verge that the tech company has created the app on its own. This simply means that Google has not partnered with any of the developing firms such as BlueStacks, Microsoft, or any other.

Another thing that the upcoming app will also enable users to do is that it will enable them to resume games on a desktop PC and this is after they have played them on a tablet, a phone, or Chromebook.

At the time being, Google is only teasing the app during the games award that is being held tonight with the platform promising a release date of sometime next year. It is still unclear as to what platform or tech Google will be using to emulate android apps on windows. However, games will be run locally and not the traditional streaming on cloud.

Hartell explains that “this will be a native windows app distributed by Google, which will support windows 10 and up. It will not involve game streaming.” The app will be distributed by Google itself and the app also will not rely on any special integration with the windows 11 OS.

Microsoft’s Plan for Testing Android Apps on Windows 11 PCs

Google’s declaration comes a very long time after Microsoft began testing Android applications on Windows 11 PCs. Microsoft has fabricated a basic Windows Subsystem for Android, which is fit for running Android applications from an assortment of sources.

The product goliath has banded together with Amazon to let Windows clients locally introduce games and applications from the Amazon Appstore, yet local Google Play support will not be accessible authoritatively through Microsoft’s element.

Since Microsoft is just authoritatively banded together with Amazon for that element, it has implied far fewer Android games and applications accessible for Windows 11 clients to effectively introduce than there might otherwise be. The entryway is open for Google, BlueStacks, and others to fill that opening.

While Microsoft, and presently Google works on bringing Android applications and games to Windows, BlueStacks has gone above and beyond and is currently bringing Android games to internet browsers. BlueStacks X is a free method for playing Android games in your browser, and BlueStacks has been centered on Android gaming on Windows since it turned into the overwhelming use case for its primary application in 2016.

Google’s Plans for Android Apps on Windows

Details regarding Google’s arrangements for Android applications on Windows previously showed up in an archive from the Epic v. Apple preliminary recently. Dated October 2020, the 70-page report depicted an eager work to get Android games on Macs and Windows PCs. The report uncovered Google would initially bring “emulated, native and streamed games” to Windows, and to some degree, some portion of that work is beginning in 2022.


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