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Do you wish to monitor the web for mentions of your name, business, or your competition? With Google Alerts you can do all of these. It is very simple to use. The service is one of the most versatile online tools to use now. Users can listen to conversations that they aren’t aware of. The conversations would involve you or your brand or even your competitor. There are lots of things you can with Google Alert, and If you wondering how to use the service, read on to find out more. The service is simple, free, and fast in delivering alerts to you.

Google Alert

Google Alert

Google Alerts is a content change detection and notification service, it is offered by the popular search engine, Google. Alert sends emails to the user when it finds something new such as web pages, blogs, scientific research, or newspaper articles that matches the user’s search terms. With the service, you can know the sites that are linking to you, supporting, quoting, or complaining about you.

It can be used to keep tracks or tabs of those mentioning you, your brand or services, or even site. Alerts can also be used as a sort of writing prompt. It is very simple and free to use. The alerts you would receive won’t overwhelm your other emails. In other words, they would be put in a bundle until you decide to review or archive them from there. The alerts serve all kinds of purposes.

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Google Alerts App

Google Alerts is a great and useful tool that is offered to users for free to help users monitor the happenings around the world. In other words, it helps users to stay up on date what’s going on in the world, no matter the location you are. Alerts is a service from Google, the service can be accessed on the Google platform and that is no separate app yet for it. Yes, Google Alerts doesn’t have a standalone app on its own, well I don’t know if there would be any in the future.

Google Alert Set-Up

You can get emails when new results for a topic show up in Google search. For instance, you get information about products, news, or mentions of your name. Setting up or creating Google alerts is very simple and fast. You can set up by following the instructions below;

  • Head to
  • In the box at the top, fill in a topic you wish to follow.
  • If you wish to change the settings, hit on “Show Options”.
  • Then select how often you wish to get notifications.
  • The sites you want to see.
  • Your language and the part of the world you want it from.
  • The number of results you wish to see.
  • The accounts that you want the alerts sent to.
  • Then hit on “Create Alert”.

The alert would be created. You would be notified by emails whenever a matching search result is seen.

Google Alert Center

If you wish to make some changes to your Google Alert, there’s an option to edit it. The editing process is simple and very fast. It can be done by following the instructions below;

  • How to alerts page.
  • Then next to the alert you wish to change, hit on “Edit”, it is presented with a pencil-like icon.
  • If there are no options, hit on “Show Options”.
  • From the list that would be displayed, make the changes you want to.
  • Hit on “Update Alert”.
  • To change how you get the alerts, hit on “Settings”. And check the options you like and Save.

Just like that, the changes would be made to the alert. Google alerts will send you emails whenever a search is similar to the keyphrase you used.

Can I Delete my Google Alert?

If you wondering if you can delete an alert, then the answer is Yes. If you feel like you no longer want to get notified about a phrase, you can actually delete the alert. The process is very simple. All you have to do is, go to the alerts page. Next to the alert, you wish to remove or delete, hit on “Delete”. Alerts can also be deleted by hitting on the “Unsubscribe” option at the bottom of an alert email. Once this is done, you would no longer receive Google Alerts on your mailbox.

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