Google 2023 Doodle Celebration Holds Contest for School Kids

Google 2023 Doodle Celebration Holds Contest for School KidsGoogle 2023 doodle celebration holds contests for school kids and asks them what they are grateful for. the theme for the contest of this year aims to help promote awareness for mental health simply by prioritizing focus on what students appreciate the most.

Google 2023 Doodle Celebration Holds Contest for School Kids

Google 2023 Doodle Celebration Holds Contest for School Kids

Tech company Google has now revealed that the theme for this year’s Doodle for Google contest will be “I am grateful for…” the contest that is carried out annually challenges schoolkids from kindergarten all through to the 12th grade to craft out their very own iterations of the famous logo of the company in a way that reflect and show just what they are grateful for in their personal lives.

The students are also asked to compose a short description of how they created the Doodle and then share what they appreciate the most.

Google’s Description of the Theme of This Year’s Contest

“Taking a step back to think about what we’re grateful for can be a great way to take care of our mental health and refocus on what’s most important,” Google in its description of the theme of this year’s contest said. “What moments, people, places, and things are special to you? What or whom can you not imagine living without? What are the things that get you through the day?”

What Experts Have To Say about the Contest

Experts of mental health say that focusing on positive things in our lives, rather than the negative parts can help to improve and promote mental health. This is important especially in the lives of young people, thus helping them to build positive emotional and social skills while also laying out the foundation for helping them to cope with several challenges that come their way as they mature.

The Focus of the Contest

The contest by Google typically focuses on promoting the well-being of children. The 2022 competition which asked kids to describe how “I care for myself by…” was won by a high student in Florida who in her part described how relying on the people around her for help was her greatest form of resource. The 2021 contest however on the other hand challenged students to describe “I am strong because…”

The winning submission of the contest will be featured on the home page of Google for a whole day, one of the several Google Doodles that is regularly used by the company to liven up the bare-bones logo of the company that normally occupies its search engine landing page. This really is a high-profile spot for just about any artist as the Doodle will garner tons of millions of views due to its prime position.

The reward for the Winner of the Contest

The winner alongside the promotion will be getting a $30,000 college scholarship and a $50,000 technology award for his or her school. The contest in question from Google runs now through march 7 and it is open to all K-12 students that are based in the US, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the US Virgin Islands.


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