Good Sat Score – How to Get a Good Sat Score

Good Sat Score. Everyone wants to get admitted into the best colleges and get qualified for scholarships but how will you do it without a good sat score. With a good sat score, you are aiming for great opportunities. Sat score has a range which is between 400 – 1600 which is the total score range and 200 – 800 for each section.

Good Sat Score

As a matter of fact, there is no specific number for a good sat score as it always varies each year. Due to the fact that it’s highly competitive, having 1200 as a score is good enough. With a score like that, you easily get applications to lots of colleges and be competitive for college admissions. But that doesn’t mean you should not do better than that because the higher the better.

How to Get a Good Sat Score

There is no great happiness than having a good sat score because it’s not that easy. Good sat score brings more college options of which to select from. Moreover, with a good sat score, you could easily get a scholarship as my friend would call it ‘free cash’. Even if you are already admitted into a college, you can still sit for it. So, let’s quickly dive into how you can get a good sat score:

  • Develop your word language.
  • Take tests
  • Memorize formulas
  • Avoid night reading before the exam day

Develop your word language

Sat is known for its high vocabulary usage. Is it the essay writing or the reading section? They all have big words embedded in them. So, I suggest you read a lot and just don’t throw away any big words you came upon.

Instead, you write it down, mark it on the book, search for the meaning, and cram it. Moreover, if you get to glance through their past questions, you would see some repetition that might have occurred several times. This is because sitting loves to repeat some words.

Take Tests

No matter where you are be it at school, study practice, and all that. Try to take practice tests as it will help you see how the exam is like. It will help you know how their questions are being arranged.

You can take the practice test on your sat study book and begin to practice them; it will help you improve better and when the real exam will start, you will have no fear at all.

Memorize Formulas

Although you (formula) have them provided what of if you are in haste and checking for the formula will not waste time. At that point in time, due to much hurry, you might no longer find the formula which could rise to a big frustration. But memorizing these formulas, it can save time and also gives you the confidence of using them in other areas.

Avoid night reading before the exam day

Like most usually do, they take the night before the exam to prepare. Please, Don’t take that night for granted, sleep well. This is not the time to learn new things. Having a good sleep might have let what we read to sink into the brain. As a matter of fact, having to do night reading before the exam date can make you be dozy on the day of the exam.


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