God of War Ragnarök is Now PlayStation’s Fastest-Selling First Party Game

God of War Ragnarök is Now PlayStation’s Fastest-Selling First Party Game, which is great news for the franchise. Recently, Sony Stated that “God of War Ragnarök has emerged as their Fastest-selling first-party launch” in the history of the company. Also, it turned out to be a record-setting entry for the “God of War” franchise.

God of War Ragnarök is Now PlayStation’s Fastest-Selling First Party Game

The game which was created by Sony’s Santa Monica Studio was officially released earlier this month following four years in development. The game got critical Acclaim and garnered one of the highest ratings of any title in recent times, with special praise focused on the emotional storyline depth and fresh combat experience.

God of War Ragnarök is Now PlayStation’s Fastest-Selling First Party Game

At the moment, we do not know if “God of War Ragnarök” also overcame the per-day sales record of other popular Sony PlayStation consoles. Let’s say, the original “God of War” reboot from 2018 sold around 3.1 million copies worldwide within the first three days of its launch, which came out to be a record number for a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Marvel’s spider-man sold 3.3 million copies in the same spell, according to USA Today. In the year 2020, “The Last of Us Part II” took down all the records by selling over 4 million copies in just three days.

Surprisingly, it seems Sony is not planning any DLC update for the game along the line. When asked about it, the game’s director Eric Williams told Kinda funny games, “That game is big. I think we put everything we had into it, so I wouldn’t count on it.”

On Track to Become Sony’s Best

The figure of around 5.1 million “God of War Ragnarök” units shipped covers “Copies sold through as of its debut week,” According to the official Playstation handle on Twitter. The numbers are quite impressive though, but it’s still quite a long way off from the lifetime sales of 2018’s God of War,” which stands at 23 million copies.

However, given the noticeably better critical reception for the latest game compared to its predecessor, it would not be surprising to see “God of War Ragnarök” Surpassing those numbers within the next few years to come. Sony is yet to share its plans for a PC release yet, but if the 2018 title is anything to go by, its successor might actually get one, also. Just not anytime soon.

Gameplay and Compatibility

“God of War Ragnarök” ends the saga of the Vengeful-turned-sane Greek god Kratos, who ventures right into the Norse realm with his son Atreus, but again finds himself against a pantheon of gods in the way of a prophesized destiny.

The games gave players new synergic combo attacks for the two lead characters, some fresh weapon capabilities and upgrades, and a much higher fidelity gaming experience that goes all the way to 4k 60 fps courtesy of the latest PlayStation, the PlayStation 5. “God of War Ragnarök” has now been released for the PlayStation 4, and its successor, and it is available in standard, collector’s, and digital deluxe editions.


Is God of War Ragnarök the Last Games?

After the God of War Ragnarök, would there be another God of War game? Unfortunately, God of War 2018 creative director cory Barlog and Ragnarök Game director Eric Williams have confirmed that God of War Ragnarök would be the last game in the Norse Series.

Is God of War Ragnarök a DLC?

Fans should not be very surprised that no DLC would be coming for “God of War Ragnarök,” seeing as 2018’s title did not get any additional content. As for the reason “God of War” did not get any DLC, the ideas director cory Barlog had at the time were deemed to ambitious to be DLC.

How Many God of War Games Will There Be?

In an interview with captain huba on Youtube, Barlog talked about why he decided that the Story of Kratos and Atreus would be over just two games, rather than a trilogy or anything longer. “I think one of the most important reasons is the first game took five years.”

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