GMass Review 2023 – GMass Vs Mailchimp

Hey there, welcome to this post as I will be doing something special and new today. This content is all about Gmass reviews 2023. Therefore strap in your seat belts and get ready for the adventure of your life. Have you heard of Gmass before?

GMass Review 2023
GMass Review 2023

If you have not heard of this platform, do not miss this golden chance at learning something new and that will be beneficial to you in the long run.

On the other hand, if you have heard of this platform and tool, have you made use of it? If you haven’t made use of it, continue reading as I will be doing a review on it, and probably you will find lots of reasons why you should make use of this mass emailing tool and probably ditch your previous mass emailing tool for it.

Gmass Reviews 2023

GMass is an email outreach service that lets you send personalized mass emails directly from your Gmail account. 

It can also be used to create automated email follow-up campaigns and sequences.

How Does Gmass Work?

In Gmass, you create campaign and specify the recipient groups. 
Then you create template. 
The recipients are organized based on the information you’ve entered into the spreadsheet.
Each group member receives an email prepared with the same template apart from personal information. 
It’s similar to sending personalized emails directly from your Gmail inbox.
GMass can also be used as CRM, managing leads, prospects, and contacts within Gmail messages. 
In other words, it combines marketing software, sales CRM, and customer support in one package!

Features of Gmass

Some of the major features of Gmass include;

Bulk Emails

Google restricts the number of emails you can send through Gmail per day. 
However, if you have large list or need to get your message out quickly, GMass’ mass email feature can assist you.
You can legally and cost-effectively send up to 10,000 emails to your recipients. 
The tool employs distribution technology to deliver your email more quickly and with less chance of being flagged as spam.

Mail Merge with Google Sheets

Adding contacts to your email list is one of the most inconvenient email marketing tasks. 
You must add them one by one, which can take long time. 
This time-consuming task is no longer necessary with Gmass.
It integrates with Google Sheets, making it simple to upload your email lists to the solution.
The solution’s integration with Google Sheets provides you with an additional benefit. 
You can easily add new column to your Google Sheets list and read the contact data from there, saving you significant amount of time and effort.
Automatic Follow-up Emails
It’s fact that the majority of your recipients never open or read your emails.
When your prospects open your emails, you want them to have positive experience. 
If you can pull this off, you won’t have to rely on chance for responses.
This is where GMass and its Follow-Up Emails feature come into play. 
Its automated tool automatically follows up with prospects who haven’t responded after certain amount of time. 
Depending on the follow-ups you specify, it will continue to send them at the frequency you specify. 
This enables you to establish relationship with your prospects without the assistance of salesperson.
Email Scheduler
It’s difficult to strike balance between sending emails and getting work done.
GMass addresses this issue by allowing you to schedule an email for any time of day or week.

By scheduling, you’ll get more done in less time. 

You can even schedule email campaigns to run on daily or hourly basis to ensure that you’re never too far away from your audience.

Email Personalization

Many marketers are realizing that personalization entails more than just targeting. 
It’s also about the messaging that GMass provides to customers.
The intelligent email builder will learn your audience’s first and last names, as well as their interests. 
Then, you can use this data to provide more personalized experience for your readers.
But it does not end there. 
GMass can connect to Google Sheet and pull in any data you want. 
It also simplifies the creation of segmented lists based on location, interest, or other data points.

Gmass Vs Mailchimp

Gmass and Mailchimp have very different capabilities and are therefore used for very different purposes.

Mailchimp is an email marketing platform that can send emails to thousands of subscribers at the same time.

The platform also assists businesses in making their emails stand out by providing access to a plethora of customizable templates for your campaigns. Mailchimp provides additional complementary marketing features in addition to email marketing features. With this in mind, Mailchimp may be viewed as more of an “all-in-one” marketing platform than just an email marketing tool.

Gmass is a Gmail extension. Unlike Mailchimp (which is a completely separate platform from Gmail), you would access Gmass directly from your Gmail dashboard.

The solution can send emails in bulk, but these emails are sent directly through your Gmail account rather than a third-party server. Given that Gmail has a daily sending limit of 500 emails, you can send emails on a much larger scale with Mailchimp.

Given this, the solution is more popular for sales and recruitment than mass email marketing. One of the tool’s most notable advantages is that it easily integrates into your familiar Gmail dashboard.

Mailchimp, in short, is the type of email marketing solution you’d choose if you wanted to create automated email flows that help nurture and convert leads over time. Consider it a tool for developing relationships with leads. Gmass, on the other hand, is the product you’d use to optimize your email outreach strategy. You would use this tool to send emails to a small number of recipients.




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