Global Warming Causes – Causes of Global Warming | Ways to Stop Global Warming

Global warming causes are said to be increased concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which is mainly a result of human activities which include burning fossil fuels, farming, and deforestation.

Global Warming Causes

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Global Warming Causes

The causes of global warming are mostly human activities that affect the earth’s surface. Global warming is referred to an aspect of climate change that causes the rise of the planet’s temperature.

It is seen as the gradual wearing of the earth’s surface, and atmosphere.

Global warming is caused primarily by human activities, which is the burning of fossil fuels that later put carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses into the environment,

Causes of Global Warming

Global warming occurs mainly due to human activities. Below I will be listing some of the causes of global warming.

  • Deforestation and tree-clearing are causes of global warming.
  • Burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and gas to are also causes of global warming.
  • Methane, which is a greenhouse gas that is produced by animals like sheep and cattle, is a great cause of global warming.
  • Oil drilling causes global warming as the burn off from the oil drilling industry impacts the carbon dioxide released into the environment.
  • Gas drilling also causes air pollution that affects the global system.

These and lots more are the causes of global warming. We have got to put heads together to bring an end to this global warming that is causing great damage to our ecosystem.

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Ways to Stop Global Warming

If we do not take steps now to tackle global, it’s going to affect thousands of lives. It is going to cause health challenges to humans, and other things.

The effect of global warming on our planet earth is not good and they are mostly caused by human activities. So we have got no choice but to find a stop to it. Here are some ways in which we could tackle this issue of global warming.

  • We need to plant more trees. Deforestation plays a major role in global warming, but planting more trees helps absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and it also helps regulate the climate.
  • Using energy-efficient devices is one of the cheapest ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The energy-efficient device also helps to reduce a great amount of carbon dioxide that is being released into the atmosphere.
  • We need to use more cold water and less hot water as it helps us save 500 pounds of CO2 every year.
  • Saving water and not wasting it also helps to stop global warming.
  • Creating awareness of global warming is also an effective way to stop it. We need to inform people, our colleagues, friends, and families about global warming, its effectiveness, and also how we can bring it to an end.
  • We got need to recycle more. Recycling will help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.

By following these processes listed above, we would be able to curb global warming, thereby preserving our planet. Note that more research can be done on Google.



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