Get This Electric Screwdriver Set for Just $35 Right Now

Get this electric screwdriver set for just $35 right now and get to have $45 in the process. This very prime day deal in question is still going on and strong, also helping shoppers in the process get their hands on this compact, minimalist Hoto screwdriver kit for way less.

Electric Screwdriver Set for $35

Electric Screwdriver Set for $35

When you are thinking of nifty tech upgrades, the tools in question can most times be overlooked. But by switching your manual screwdriver over to an electric model can be a very wise and great investment. Electric models in question can help save you a lot of time on home projects such as putting together furniture, installing decor, and much more, and also be less physically demanding to utilize.

If it is that you have been considering investing in a cordless electric screwdriver, then the Hoto Nex O1 Pro is a great option and one I can personally recommend. And while October Prime Day has reportedly ended, this here is one of the discounts that you can still get your hands on, thus making this set an affordable option.

Regularly sold at $80, Amazon has now reportedly cut the price of this screwdriver set which is complete with 12 bits down to $50 for Prime members. And if it is that you clip the on-page coupon, then the price in question drops another 30% to only $35 total. That is just $5 more than the lowest price that we have so far seen. We really don’t know just how long this offer in question will last, so we would recommend putting in your order sooner rather than later.

Specs, Features, and Design

The design of this 3.6-volt screwdriver set in question as you should know is ultraminimalist, with a capsule-like sort of appearance. And when you get to remove the cap, you will find 12 2-inch S2 steel magnetic bits that are very much easy to change out for different projects. The product also weighs under a pound and then provides three different torque stages as well as a high rotational speed of 220 rpm.

It also has a circular LED lamp that can effectively help you when dealing with dark spaces. Plus, this very model charges by making use of USB-C, which is very much highly convenient as well as a full charge can run over 1,000 screws just before it needs to be refueled. The “screw-unscrew” buttons as well as the smart instant stop on the other hand are both user-friendly features as well.

Why You Should Get This Product

I bought this very screwdriver set in the previous year just ahead of the holiday season and have utilized it to assemble rocking chairs and furniture, as well as even changing out hardware on cabinets that are around the home. I have really enjoyed the convenience of having a set with several bits all ready to go and the compact design in question makes it very much easy to store, too.



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