Sustainable Ways to Get Rid of Belly Fats

Despite an intensive workout, the excess fat on your belly just won’t disappear. Here you can find out how to get rid of your belly fat and be best prepared for summer and a bikini. The best thing about it is you won’t need to sweat since sports are not involved.

Sustainable Ways to Get Rid of Belly Fats
Sustainable Ways to Get Rid of Belly Fats

Is it Only for Beauty Purposes?

Actually,  belly fat can be dangerous for your health. Experts warn that visceral fat, which surrounds internal organs such as the digestive system in the abdominal cavity, among other things, contains disease-causing hormones. These can promote insulin overproduction and therefore provide for high blood pressure and inflammation in the body. Also a heart attack can be the consequence in the worst case. It is basically something the body does neither need nor want.

That’s why it also makes sense for health reasons to get to grips with our fat deposits – and that’s even possible without exercise, if you watch what you eat. But there are more factors you need to look after. Here is our checklist for your health and well-being.

Reduce Stress

Stress in the family or trouble with colleagues at work – constant stress makes you fat. As soon as we are overloaded, the organism releases the hormone cortisol. It not only makes us hungry, but also slows down our metabolism. Also, stress retrains you from having a good and deep sleep. That again stresses you more and you are captured in a vicious circle.

The stress hormone signals to the body that it is in a dangerous situation. That’s why everything we eat ends up as an energy reserve in the fat depots – preferably on the belly.

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Take Vitamin C

Researchers at Arizona University have found that vitamin C boosts fat burning in the body by more than a third. That is amazing news. But how is this possible? For fat burning, the organism needs the growth hormone HGH during sleep. However, it is only formed with sufficient vitamin C. So you can easily get some supplements providing for your necessary daily dose of Vitamin C.

Another hormone that supports fat loss is norepinephrine. It is produced in the adrenal glands – if sufficient vitamin C is present. One more reason to eat a grapefruit for breakfast more often. The citrus fruit is bursting with vitamin C. Those who don’t like them can reach for kiwis or oranges.

Fill Up Vitamin D

Researchers at the University of Minnesota have found that people with plenty of vitamin D in their bodies tend to have less belly fat. In addition to boosting metabolism, it also boosts cell renewal and the immune system, which provides an energy boost. So you will feel more energetic and also less stressed.

Take Balanced Diet

By eliminating certain things from your food list, you can get rid of belly fat relatively quickly. Sugar and processed carbohydrates such as white bread, cornflakes, rice or pasta are taboo; so are sweets, sugary sweet drinks and alcohol. That goes for any healthy lifestyle and not only for losing belly fat. If you want to feel good you should stay away from these goods.

Vegetables, protein in the form of legumes such as beans and lentils, non-fat dairy products, lean meat, and whole-grain bread and pasta are things you should eat.

The Right Fats

When the word diet is mentioned, many believe that fat is an absolute no-go. However, this is not true. Experts distinguish between unsaturated and saturated fats. Because there are good and bad fats. The latter are bad because they increase cholesterol levels and thus the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

They are found in dairy products such as whole milk, cheese, cream, in red meat, fried foods, convenience foods and sausages. The good fats, on the other hand, as found in nuts, avocado, vegetable oils and fatty fish such as salmon, are important for vitamin absorption in the body and can even lower cholesterol levels.

Sleep Longer

This is only logical because during sleep, not only do we not eat, but the body burns fat meanwhile if we eat dinner at the right time. So seven to nine hours are very good.

If you eat as early as possible, the phase until breakfast is longer. If you “fast” for at least 12 hours in between, the organism activates autophagocytosis. During this cell renewal process, the organism draws on the body’s own reserves – but only when insulin levels are low. That is why it is important that we do not eat just before going to bed.

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