Get 53% off Almost Every Amazon Fire Tablet Currently On Sale

Get 53% off on almost every Amazon Fire Tablet currently on sale. The deal of today allows you to shop for tables for both kids and adults starting at only $60.

Amazon Fire Tablet Sale

Amazon Fire Tablet Sale

Tablets as you should know are super versatile and can easily help you to complete a lot of computer-related tasks without getting to need to invest in a heavy-duty and bulky laptop. And you don’t have to break the bank to get one today with as much as 53% off a variety of Amazon Fire tablets.

The sale in question discounts almost every tablet available in Amazon’s lineup, and this is including some models that are specifically designed for kids, but there’s no set expiration date for the deals, just so you should know. But we would however recommend getting your order in sooner rather than later if you don’t feel like missing out on these savings.

The Fire HD 8 Tablet  Pricing, Specs, and Features

Prices in this sale start at just $60, which gets you the Fire HD 8 tablet at a really nice 40% discount. The device in question features an 8-inch HD display, and 32GB of storage which can also be expanded with a microSD card and it comes in black, blue, and pink hues. And today’s price is as low as we’ve seen it go so far in the year 2023 and just $5 more than its recorded Black Friday price.

And even at $100, we named the Fire HD 8 our best tablet pick for value and the discount of today makes that even truer. The Fire HD 8 Plus is also seeing similar savings if you would wish to benefit from its boosted specs and wireless charging support.

The Fire HD 10 and Fire HD 10 Plus are Included In This Sale

If however, it is a bigger screen that you are after, then both the Fire HD 10 and Fire HD 10 Plus are included in this very sale. The Fire HD 10 is our favorite Android tablet for media consumption all thanks to its 10-inch screen size as well as powerful speakers. The entry-level model as you should know is 40% off at just $90, although you can save as much as 53% on the higher-capacity model. The Plus model on the other hand is 33% off at $120.

Amazon Is Also Discounting Child-Friendly Versions of Its Tablets

Amazon is at the moment also discounting child-friendly versions of its tablets, with each of them coming with a kid-proof case and a two-year guarantee against any breakages, plus 12 months of Amazon Kids Plus content. The Prices for this sale start at $60  which is $50 off for the Fire 7 Kids and range up to $140 which is $60 off for the Fire HD 10 Kids Pro, which as you should know is crafted for older kids and teens.



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