Geico Insurance Customer Service: How to contact Geico Insurance Customer Service

Geico Insurance Customer Service: The Government Employees Insurance Company which is well known as GEICO is an American auto insurance company with its headquarters located in Maryland. Presently in fast competition with State Farm. GEICO is the second-largest auto insurer in the United States with a capacity of over 40,000 employees.

Geico Insurance Customer Service

The GEICO as a company is an owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway which has provided insurance for more than 24 million motor vehicles which are the properties of over 15 million policyholders. GEICO is very popular for its distinct approach of advertisement and excellent commercials it produces to attract its customers’ attention.

In this article, we are going to be giving you the numbers you need to dial in order to reach the Geico insurance customer service. To ask any question or make a comment. Customers will be able to reach out to the customer representatives about any problem they may be passing through or any service of the company that they want to make inquiries about.

How to contact Geico Insurance Customer Service

It is not difficult at all to contact the Geico Insurance customer service because it has actually been made easy for all of their customers. You can contact Geico Insurance phone by calling the phone numbers provided below:

Mainline: (800) 207-7847

Emergency Roadside Service: (800) 424-3426

Property: (800) 645-4827

Motorcycle: (800) 44-29253

Commercial: (800) 509-9444

There is a mainline given above, this line can be dialed by customers who wish to speak with a live representative. The steps below are quite straight forward, you can follow these steps to reach a customer service live representative to make your inquiries or state your challenge:

  • The first step in speaking to a live representative that you need to take is to dial the mainline, 1-800-207-7847
  • After this, press 4, or you can also say ‘other’
  • After doing that, you will need to provide the three-digit area code of the phone number.
  • Please make sure you stay online after you know you have followed the steps above. After some time, you will automatically be connected to one of the Geico customer service representatives.

You can also contact Geico insurance customer service through their email address. When you pay a visit to their email address. You will have the access to go through the Geico insurance agency partners and business owners policy. The fastest way to reach Geico especially when it is an urgent situation is through their app or online.

As long as you have their app installed on your device. You will find it was easy to reach Geico Insurance Customer service. The Insurance company’s Customer service hours for weekdays (Mon-Fri) and Weekends (Saturdays) are 8:00 am- 9 pm (ET) and 9:00 am- 6:30 pm (ET) respectively.


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