Gebeya Reportedly Transforms Into a Talent Cloud Provider

Gebeya reportedly transforms into a talent cloud provider. And now that the company has transformed and changed its business model, what’s next for them? All these and many more questions will be answered in the course of this article.

Gebeya Talent Cloud Provider

Gebeya Talent Cloud Provider

Gebeya, initially an ed-tech startup founded in 2017, has undergone a significant transformation into an all-in-one talent cloud provider, offering Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions through its Gebeya 3.0 platform, which includes the Gebeya Talent Cloud (G-TC) platform.

The advanced G-TC platform, powered by artificial intelligence, offers scalable solutions catering to diverse organizational needs, including public, private, strategic, and sourcing talent clouds.

How Professionals Across Various Sectors Can Leverage Gebeya’s Talent Cloud Solutions

Professionals across various sectors can leverage Gebeya’s talent cloud solutions to access opportunities tailored to their skills and interests. For instance, software developers can participate in Talent Clouds established by partners like Microsoft, which provide access to skills development, job opportunities, and networking within specific ecosystems.

Gebeya’s evolution reflects its seven-year journey of empowering numerous talented individuals and forging partnerships with industry giants such as Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and the Mastercard Foundation.

Gebeya’s Partnership with Microsoft

One notable collaboration includes the partnership with Microsoft to launch a robust African Talent Cloud in December 2023, focusing on Microsoft Azure and AI skills. This initiative aims to facilitate digital transformation by connecting businesses and professionals within the Microsoft ecosystem.

Gebeya Remains Committed To Unlocking Africa’s Potential

Moving forward, Gebeya remains committed to unlocking Africa’s potential and enhancing its global competitiveness through innovative Talent Cloud technology, fostering collaboration and empowerment within the African tech landscape.



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