Game Devs of Color Expo 2022

September 15, Thursday marks the kickoff of the seventh year of Game Devs of color Expo 2022, which happens to be a weekend-long event that celebrates games developed by game developers of color from all around the world.

Game Devs of Color Expo 2022

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Game Devs of Color Expo 2022

You get to watch the hour-long direct, that talks about some of the tons of titles that are featured on the Official page, on both YouTube and Twitch. And make sure you check out the Gradient convergence page, which not only has ongoing sales of previously released games but would also showcase devs live streaming their games starting this Thursday, September 15 through to Monday, September 19.

The expo talks about a number of titles that star and feature POC and their culture, animals, or fantastic monsters, most of which are recognized as some of the best PC games available. And if you happen to be a ticketed viewer, you can view panels, interviews, and talks from game devs and featured speaker that ranges from telling a story to business and more.

You can still purchase tickets on the official GDoCExpo Page, and you can view the full schedule of events and more here.

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Game Devs of Color Expo Events Importance

As previously stated, 2022 marks seven years of Game Devs of Color Expo, which happens to be a major event meant to highlight games created by game developers of color that would otherwise be ignored.

Ever since then, it has developed to also host talks, interviews, and panels led by POC in order to educate others on the realities of indie development and host discussions on storytelling and character development from POCs’ point of view.

Also, there is an award ceremony, where at least $90,000 in development grants would have awarded, which includes the $15,000 made in NY grant and the Game Devs of color Expo grant. The latter would go to three developers of color, each getting $25,000.


Game Devs of Color Expo has turned out to become such a valuable and vital event that offers POC the media exposure and funding that they never would have received in such a white-centric industry. And hopefully, it can continue to grow and help even more developers of color in the future, and continue to set a precedent for a more equitable gaming industry future.

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