Funny Halloween Costumes

If you’re looking for a way to make a statement this Halloween without scaring anyone, why not opt for a Funny Halloween Costumes instead? With Amazon’s extensive collection of hilarious but visually stunning costumes, you’re sure to find something that will make you stand out. Whether you’re an adult looking to let loose and have some fun, or are looking for costumes for the whole family, Amazon has got you covered with their affordable options.

Funny Halloween Costumes
Funny Halloween Costumes

There’s something for everyone in Amazon’s collection of pun Halloween costumes, whether you prefer a classic idiom or a tongue twister. The best part is that these costumes are sure to elicit a chuckle from anyone who sees them, so you’ll be the life of the party! So why wait?

Funny Halloween Costumes

Let’s dive into the world of funny Halloween costumes and get inspired! All of the items are available on Amazon but keep in mind that prices may vary depending on the size and color you choose.

GOOSH Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

The adorable and distinctive GOOSH t-rex costume for adults was created by talented American designers. It has a realistic and unusual appearance because of the two blue glowing eyes and the special printing technique. Wear it to the zoo, parks, Halloween parties, and family get-togethers, and you’ll leave wonderful memories and receive tons of praise.


 Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

When you’re done wearing it, please turn on the fan. The wind will swiftly fill the outfit. The battery pack can overheat and burn your leg, therefore please clip it onto your belt rather than putting it in your pocket.


Rubie’s Men’s Elf Movie Buddy

This buddy the elf costume is super comfortable. It is made out of 55% polyester and 45% nylon tunic jacket fastens. The tunic has fur cuffs and a collar, with printed leaves and vines on the front.



This costume is a large size of blue color inflatable dinosaur costume with evil eyes and sharp teeth. It is very simple to put on and take out. There are comprehensive user instructions in the package.


8 Pcs Old Lady Costume Set

This costume comes in 8 pieces total. Enough to play the part of an elderly woman at a party or for cosplay will be sent your way. You’ll get 1 piece of a women’s front closure housedress printed with flowers, 1 piece of an adult fat suit, 1 granny wig, 1 grandma wig cap, 1 pair of granny glasses, 1 eyeglass chain, 1 granny faux pearl beads necklace, and 1 adjustable crutch.


Thumbs Up Bubble Costume

THIS ONE IS A HIT WHEN IT COMES TO FUNNY COSTUMES! At any adult costume party or nostalgic B-movie screening, the adult human bubble suit is sure to make an impression.


I Want to Speak to the Manager Karen Halloween Costume

Are you sick of dressing up as a skeleton, pumpkin, werewolf, or terrifying witch? For a humorous last-minute costume idea that will make people chuckle, try this funny meme Halloween outfit.


Blow up Costume, Men Halloween Costume

Please tighten the outer ring to secure the fan before donning the costume, since the fan may fall out if the ring loosens during shipping. If the costume isn’t able to be fully inflated, please loosen the ring, turn the fan to face the front, and tighten the drawstrings as much as you can.


Inflatable Sumo Wrestling Suits for Adults

Enjoy a wonderful time with this funny sumo wrestling outfit. It suits people 4.9–5.9 feet tall, so everyone can laugh while they pretend to stomp about like genuine sumo. A loincloth and cap made of sumo hair are included for an authentic effect.


Inflatable Frog Costume

The talented crew created the original inflatable frog costume. It is composed of strong polyester fabric with PU coating that is safe for the environment. It is robust and watertight.


Appealing Banana Costume

Men’s and women’s banana costumes, featuring a one-piece pull-over costume tunic with a removable top! Top Unique Design That Peels Off.


Amscan Jesus Adult Costume

This holy outfit consists of a white robe with a rope belt and a crimson sash attached. Most people may wear this standard-sized, full-length robe since it fits well.


5 Pcs Halloween Running Costume Set

Good Mix: You will get one Halloween running costume outfit that includes a shirt, red running shorts, a red cap, a brown wig and beard, and a pair of striped sports socks.


 Inflatable Ballerina Costume

This is an amazing customer from the 900s and still remaining the trending customer online.


White Pillsbury Doughboy Inflatable Costume

For an easy and entertaining dressing experience, the costume comes completely outfitted with a white inflated jumpsuit, white gloves, and a battery-operated fan (batteries not supplied).


Tipsy Elves Halloween Costumes for Men

AVOID STICKS! This year, try the piñata jumpsuit to transform your ordinary ensemble into the best-dressed look with only one zip. It’s colourful like you, ideal for crazy evenings out with friends, Halloween celebrations, or just if you want to stand out!


 Peanut Butter and Jelly Couple Costume

This costume is a peanut butter and grape jelly on bread printed on each of them.


Inflatable Horse Costume for Boy

Before donning the costume, please tighten the outer ring to hold the fan in place; if the ring comes loose during shipping, the fan will fall out; Please loosen the ring and tilt the fan toward the front to better inflate the head of the costume if it isn’t able to be fully inflated. Tighten the drawstrings as tightly as you can.


 Inflatable Ride-on Rooster Costume Chicken

It’s simple to install and inflate the blow-up outfit. Tighten the outer ring, please. Within a minute or two, a fan may inflate the clothing.


Rasta Imposta Men’s Pickle

With this hilarious joke costume of your preferred food, you’ll be the star of the party! A green pickle costume with a cutout at the top to reveal the wearer’s face. Legs and arms are likewise visible. The costume covers the top of the skull to around mid-thigh. Most adults fit into one size.


Inflatable Shark Costume

Suitable for parks, zoos, outdoor events, company celebrations or annual parties, bars, clubs, TV shows, carnivals, opening ceremonies, weddings, Halloween, and festivals. This fancy party dress is an inventive and functional inflatable suit design. Children under 14 should not wear the Air Blow Up Costumes, and they should be kept away from fire. Quality is guaranteed to satisfy 100%.


Tipsy Elves Halloween Costumes for Women

The ideal party ensemble is this multicolored piñata women’s Halloween costume dress. Wearing this vibrant costume, you’ll instantly become the star of the party—just be careful around sticks!


Funky Halloween Costume Available on Amazon

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