Free PS Plus Premium List of Games Contains oodles of Retro Goodness

Free PS Plus Premium List of Games Contains oodles of Retro Goodness. The Entire List of PS Plus Premium games would now be made available to view on the official PlayStation website, and there are tons of retro goodness for you to indulge in if you have the cash to make the payment each month for the premium tier.

Free PS Plus Premium List of Games Contains oodles of Retro Goodness

Free PS Plus Premium List of Games Contains oodles of Retro Goodness

We got were lucky to get treated to the first batch of the PS Plus premium titles not too long ago. However, it was just a selection of what we can expect when the subscription service relaunches towards the end of June.

Now, though, what seems to be a complete list of games heading to the PS plus premium has appeared on the official US PlayStation website. It seems to be a robust, eclectic mix of games, too that features a rather large helping of retro games ranging from the PS1, PS2, and PSP libraries.

Some great standout titles that are on the list include the Demon’s Soul, Returnal, and the Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s cut for the PS5, alongside old-school favorites like Ape Escape, everybody’s Golf, and Wild Arms 3.

A Solid Start, But We Have Concerns

We cannot get angry with the wide range of games that the PS Plus Premium tier is offering at the cost of a monthly sub. A myriad of genres are covered, and it seems like there are tons of nostalgia to mine from the inclusion of those older PS1 Games also.

Plus, more games would be added to the service post-launch, we are certainly happy to see what kind of games Sony would manage to add to its relaunched PS Plus service further down line. Fondly remembered Franchises Like Metal Gear Solid and Ridge Racer would immediately come to your mind.

However, Sony might have a bit more work cut for itself than it’s letting on. Early impressions of the PS Plus Premium’s Emulation of the PS1 games have been placed together. A good portion of the game’s features includes the PAL versions, and thus only runs at 50Hz. As such, there is only some noticeable impact on the framerate not seen with the 60Hz NTSC versions of the same titles.

Free PS Plus Premium

Additionally, for some games like Everybody’s Golf, a Digital Foundry Analysis revealed that Sony has applied a frame blending technique that would aid in smoothing out the lower PAL version framerate. The problem here is that the technique would lead to ghosting of the image, making camera movement appear much blurrier than on the original hardware.

Still, the great list of games introduces a promising start. We just hope that Sony would take on player feedback right after the service has launched in other to improve emulation across the board.


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