Free Games on PlayStation Plus for November – PlayStation Plus VR Titles

Free games on PlayStation Plus for November. This November would be a very huge month for PlayStation Plus. While we’re getting the usual number of games available for consoles. Also, we would be getting three games for PlayStation VR, so if you happen to be in possession of a Sony’s VR headset and you are subscribed to PlayStation Plus. That means you are in possession of a total of six games that you get to claim potentially in November.

Free Games on PlayStation Plus for November

Free Games on PlayStation Plus for November

Knock City

The three major consoles games that are now available on deck for this November now seem to be pretty solid. First up is the Knock City, a game that is all about dodgeball battles. This game launched this year on several platforms and is available to both PS 5 and PS 4 subscribers next month. We can probably expect that to generate a surge of new players, at least for a short period of time after it goes completely for free to all subscribers.

First Class Trouble

Knockout City would also be accommodated by “first class Trouble”, another game that would be made available for PS5 and PS4 Subscribers. “First class Trouble” Sounds like it would actually acquire some inspiration from Among Us, placing six players on a “luxury space cruiser” and tasking four of them with taking down a rogue AI. The remaining two players would be required to stop that via deception.

Kingdom of Amalur: Re-Reckoning

The final Game that now happens to be available for grabs for this November is the Kingdom of Amalur: Re-Reckoning. This happens to be a re-release of the Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning released in the year 2012 as one of the only games that came from ill-fated 38 studios.

The kingdoms of Amalur brands are now owned by THQ Nordic, which happens to be on an expansion for the game that’s due at some point next year.

PlayStation Plus VR Titles

There are three other VR titles that would be made available via the PlayStation Plus next Month: The Persistence, the walking Dead: Saints and sinners – Standard Edition and Until you fall. Unlike other console games that would only be made available just for one month, Sony stated that the PSVR titles would be available until we are into the new year.

Sony also recently gave an announcement that this trio of console games would be claimable from November 2nd Until December 6th, While the PSVR games would be made available right on the same day and claimable up until the 3rd of January.

Well, this means that all PS Plus subscribers would be given up to November 1st to claim October’s games – Hell Let Loose, PGA Tour 2K21, and Mortal Kombat X. October came as a silent month for PlayStation Plus, but by including around six games next month, now it seems like we would not be able to level the same criticism at the lineup for November.


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