Free Accounting Software: Best Free Accounting Software To Decide From

As an entrepreneur running a business, you must know the importance of staying on top of finances. This is why you need Free Accounting Software. Taxes, Cashflow, and managing finances are the biggest challenges faced by business owners.

A skill you should have as a business owner is identifying your debtors and those you owe as this is key to success.

Free Accounting Software

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Free Accounting Software

Another challenge faced by business owners is starting solely. Notwithstanding, if you are a new business owner, a pro, you own a big or small business, you will need accounting software.

In this post, we will be sharing with you some of the best free accounting software. Accounting soft helps you manage your account and finances with ease and accuracy.

Though MS Excel and Google Sheets can be a good start for this there are some major and advanced features they lack, also manually inputting information is time-consuming and sometimes stressful.

With accounting software, you won’t even need to hire a virtual assistant to help you manage your account and finances.

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Best Free Accounting Software To Decide From

Here we are going to be discussing some of the best free accounting software. This way you will know which one you should go for.

  • Wave – Wave is basically for small businesses and sole proprietors. Wave gives you a lot of amazing features for free and they will always be free. It is web-based software and information is backed up in the cloud. With wave, you can manage your receivable account, generate financial statements, and link cards and accounts.
  • ZipBooks – ZipBooks is for small businesses that want to upgrade from a spreadsheet. Zipbook is also web-based and it offers a free package called ZipBooks. This package gives you the basic bookkeeping tools, it also includes invoices and accepts payments from PayPal or Credit cards.
  • SlickPie – Small businesses with a bit of bookkeeping experience can use this one. Slickpie has a very easy to navigate interface. One of the biggest advantages of slick pie is its automation features. Slickpie automation features include an in-built app (MagicBot) which allows you to add receipts and bills.

Other Free Accounting Software

  • GnuCash – This is for small businesses and sole proprietors. It works for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. GnuCash manages several currencies and languages; it also has payroll features.
  • CloudBooks – Cloudbooks is best for freelancers and small businesses. Its free plan offers cloud storage, no limit to users, and email support too. It also has invoicing features but this one will limit you to one client and five invoices. To get unlimited access to this feature you will need to subscribe for the paid version.
  • Akaunting – Akaunting is for small and medium-sized businesses. It has a whole website for online accounting services in just one tool. This application will work across any device and it has a very simple interface.
  • Sunrise – Sunrise is best for small and middle-sized businesses. It offers small businesses bookkeeping software. Sunrise has a free self-service plan that allows you to send unlimited invoices and process transactions and many others.

These are some of the best accounting software that offers most or all of its accounting services for free. You can do more research on Google.



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