Fortnite Rainbow Royale Has Arrived – Fortnite Rainbow Royale Playlist

The Fortnite Rainbow Royale Has arrived in the in-game shop for all platforms. This event Fortnite celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community with assurances that “everyone is welcome to join the Battle Bus.” It should be made clearer, here that this event would be taking place right outside of the trendy confines of pride month, where brands of all sorts make it a point that would transform their social media rainbow-colored.

Fortnite Rainbow Royale Has Arrived

Fortnite Rainbow Royale Emote and Sprays – Fortnite Rainbow Royale Has Arrived

As of July 2021, “Epic games decided to update the in-game shop that is in Fortnite with “a bunch of free stuff.” That also includes a ‘Take a bow” Emote, Sunshine & Rainbows Wrap, and four other different rainbow Royale sprays. This spray includes Vibrany Star, Vibrant Boogie (a rainbow disco ball hand grenade), Vibrant Llama, and Vibrant heart.

This week Fortnite happens to possess a new rainbow flag prop. It is basically a black flag with a “Vibrant Star” Flying across its face this event also happens to feature a set of songs that you might have heard while blasting in Rocket League’s Love ISLV playlist.

Fortnite Rainbow Royale Playlist

The songs that are in the Playlist highlights LGBTQIA+ artists and would be heard right in Fortnite’s Battle Royale arena. You will find Montero by Lil Nas X and Platinum by Freedia in Beatbox. In Radio right underground you would find pain by King princess, Stud by Troy Sivan, and imagine by Ben Platt. Along with power Play that you would hear malibu by Kim Petras, Found my friends by Hayley Kiyoko, and Bad Girl by Daya.

Rainbow Royale Details 

The Rainbow Royale event is expected to take place starting from today, July 20, 2021, and it is expected to run until July 27th, at 8PM Eastern Time. Take a peek at the timeline that is right below for more information on Fortnite updates and the inner workings of the latest code for the game. Things would continue to become a lot weirder and more wonderful. Make sure you get to tap in and adjust your settings for all the latest available updates with the preferred item slots.


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