Find a Match with Facebook Dating App

Do you know that you can actually find a match with Facebook dating app? There are a lot of singles out there who are ready to change their relationship status from single to married and from single to in a relationship but they do not know how to go about it. Well, I have got good news for you. Here is the good news, you can change your relationship status through the aid of the FB dating app, this is to say you can Find a Match with Facebook Dating App.

Find a Match with Facebook Dating App

Find a Match with Facebook Dating App

The FB dating platform creates an avenue for singles to find their potential matches thereby changing their relationship status. Single can actually Find a Match with Facebook Dating App by engaging the FB dating platform. Singles are of the age of 18 and above can find their potential match by activating the FB dating platform.

Facebook Dating App

It is true that a single can find their match through the aid of the FB dating app, but there are some requirements to be able to use the app. Like I earlier, intending users must be of the age of 18 and above.

Next, you must have a FB account, and the FB dating app must have been launched in your country. This is due to the reason that the FB dating app has not been launched yet in all countries of the world.

But if the FB dating app has been launched in your country but you are not a FB user, all you need to do is to download the FB app, and then create a FB account so as to enable you to activate FB dating.

Facebook Dating Matches

Facebook dating matches are people that the FB dating app suggests to you based on your preferences and the information that you enter into your dating profile. It also suggests matches to you based on the things you and others do and provide on FB.

Also know that if you have the suggest friends of friends option turned on, your suggested matches will include friends you have in common. But if you turn it off, your suggested matches will not include people who are friends with your FB friends.

How to Find a Match in the Facebook Dating App

Aside from FB matching you up with people based on your shared interests and likes, you can also look for matches in FB events and groups. To learn how to search for matches through events and groups, stay on this page.

First, you need to be aware that you can choose to see other people that are using the FB dating app who are members of the same groups on FB with you and also those that are interested in the same public events as you. To look for potential matches on groups and events, follow these steps below.

  • Open the FB app on your device.
  • Then tap on the three horizontal lines and then tap on dating.
  • Next, scroll down to more to explore.
  • Then tap events in common or groups in common.

Take note that the first time you go into events in common or groups in common, you will need to choose to include all of your events or groups, or you can choose specific events or groups so as to see potential matches.

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