Final Fantasy XIV Has Resumed Online Sales

Final Fantasy XIV Has Resumed Online Sales. In December, the Final Fantasy XIV Online’s latest expansion, Endwalker, was launched. In the hours, days, weeks following the launch, Final Fantasy XIV’s servers were taken down by tons of players that were trying to log in and play.

Final Fantasy XIV Has Resumed Online Sales

With too many players facing with long-hours of queues just to get right into the game and play. With a lot of players facing the hours-long queues to step right into the game, Square Enix made a decision, that temporarily paused the sales of Final Fantasy XIV to stop new players from crippling the servers.

Final Fantasy XIV Online Sales Resume this Month

In a long post that came to the lodestone, Square Enix’s website for everything that is related to Final Fantasy XIV, Game Producer, and director Naoki Yoshida made some announcements. The biggest reveal that came was the sales of the Final Fantasy XIV that is expected to resume on Tuesday, January 25th at 3:00 AM EST/5:00 PM JST.

Digital Sales is expected to resume sales with the launch of the Oceanian Datacenter. While we don’t have a precise time for the rollout of the Oceanian Datacenter, Yoshida states that it would be happening on that same day. Even much better, is the news that came from the Oceanian Datacenter that is expected to launch five Worlds for Players to select from.

Initially, the plan was expected to with just around three worlds and then send the other two live at a much later date, but now the Oceania Datacenter would be receiving all five in a day.

Since these are new worlds, Yoshida stated that Square Enix would be waiving the fee of transfer for these servers, meaning that character transfer to those new worlds would be done for free. Talking of transfer, those that have been off for quite some time as well, and they would be returning on Wednesday, January 26th. When the transfer of Home World returns, they would be made available to players in all the data centers, and this is major news, though Square Enix might actually limit their transfers to worlds that are already filled up.

Server Expansions

With the announcement, Yoshida also shared data concerning the expansions for the North American, European, and Japanese Data Centers. This expansion is expected to commence another time in the year and would enable players to log into each Data Center with less Congestion in the individual worlds.

Japanese Server expansion

In July 2022, Square states that they would be upgrading the number of local Japanese data centers from three to four while keeping the number of worlds the same at 32. This change, Yoshida states the overall possible simultaneous logins encompassing all worlds” will be get increased by “50,000 or more.”

North American Server Expansion

The data expansion in North America is expected to happen in two phases. First, in August 2022, Yoshida States that North America would be receiving a new logical data center with four new worlds, and then in summer 2023, that data center would be brought in four more worlds. Square Enix is also “considering” another big upgrade around the period that this expansion would launch, but given that End, the walker is only about five weeks old, we are still far from that.

European Server Expansion

European expansion has been set to play out in two major phases, but with different actions taken. In July 2022, Square Enix anticipates adding four new worlds split evenly across the existing logical data centers in the European region.

Then in the summer of 2023, a second logical data center that has eight worlds would be included. It seems that the ongoing semiconductor shortage would be impacting these expansions plans, as Yoshida states that behind the decision to spread these expansions out over two phases.


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