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Today we are going to be focusing on Fuelman, which is another fuel card company that provides gas cards for corporate vehicles and businesses.


The other day we talked about  FleetcardsUSA, which is one of the top gas card vendors in America. It is very important to get a gas card if you have a business that has more than one vehicle. It will save you a lot of money and cut down on costs.

Choosing a fuel card from fuel man is a smarter business choice done making use of cash or credit card to purchase gas for your company vehicle.

Because it offers you FLEXIBILITY, FREEDOM, AND CONTROL OVER YOUR FLEET all vehicles giving you peace of mind and reducing cost. So in this article today we are going to be going through everything you need to know about Fuelman and their fuel Card.


Fuelman is an American company that provides fuel cards for businesses to use in purchasing fuel or gasoline for their corporate vehicles. Any company that makes use of vehicles and has more than one should definitely go for a fuel card or a fleet card which are basically the same thing. And provide a lot of benefits than paying for fuel with cash or with a credit card.

Fuelman is an American company only that focuses on providing fuel for corporate businesses to power The avengers. They are not a gas company they just provide a fleet card for the Business of America to be able to buy fuel and cut down costs.

Having this card gives you the flexibility, and control I’m freedom over your friend’s cars. With this card, your drivers are able to purchase fuel and other vehicle maintenance products without carrying cash around.

Fuelman Cards

Fuelman offers various records for the entire public to make this off with their corporate businesses. A fuel card is a card that is used to buy fuel that companies can get for Their businesses to purchase fuel for Their corporate vehicles.

Fuel cards are made to control costs for your business in anyways that other payment methods such as cash and credit card cannot do.

One of the most important uses of workouts is to ensure that money for fuel is only used for the purpose of purchasing fuel. A driver cannot use a fuel card to purchase food items for any other items not relating to fuel or vehicle maintenance.

Also, you have access to market-leading rebates on gas and diesel fuel with every fill-up. These are not all the benefits though because we will be listing the benefits later.

How do you know you Need a Fuel Card?

To know if you need a fuel card I am going to be posting a series of questions below. If your answer is yes to the majority of these questions then your business definitely needs a fleet card or fuel card for your vehicles. The below questions are easy questions to answer so all you need to do is answer truthfully to determine if you need a fuel or fleet card today.

  • Do you employ more than one driver?
  • Are you up to your neck in receipts and reports?
  • Do you lack visibility on your drivers’ expenses?
  • Do your drivers drive further than needed to fill up their tanks?
  • Do you experience a consistent turnover by your drivers?

So if your answer is yes to any of these questions then you definitely need a fleet of fuel cards. It is definitely going to help you a lot in your business. Now that we have seen the reason why we need a fuel card let us now consider the benefits.

Benefits Fuel Man Fleet Card

There are many benefits that you will enjoy making use of any of the fuel man’s fleet cards. One of the major benefits is that they give you control over your cost of fuel and stop drivers from purchasing things that are not related to that. Apart from that, there are other loads of benefits which are listed below:

  • Managed fuel programs save businesses an average of 15% on overall fuel costs.
  • Use everywhere MasterCard® is accepted
  • Offers robust and comprehensive controls so you can monitor your purchases.
  • You can set controls to monitor when, where and how often cards can be used.
  • Cards can be limited to work only.
  • You have access to easily turn the car on and off anytime you want with just a click.

How to Apply for Fuelman cards

To start making use of the fuel man card for your business today the first step in what you need to do is the application step. Now fuel cards do not require much for you to receive one as long as you have a credit score above 640.

Also formal offers various fuels to suit the needs of their customers. What you need to do is to select anyone that you are interested in and apply.

To apply follow the below procedure:

  • Launch any browser of your choice.
  • Use that browser to head over to https://www.fuelman.com/fuel-cards/in-town-fleets/.
  • Now browse through the different cards offered by the company and click on apply for an instant decision on any of the cards you want to get.
  • On the next page fill in all the details about your company and yourself and click on continue.

To finish your application process all you need to do is keep on following the on-screen instructions. Because there are several more to complete before your application is done.


What can I purchase with my Fuelman card?

A fuel card is not your regular credit card therefore things that you can purchase with it and limited. This is one of the reasons why people go for this car to limit expenses that do not relate to business. You can only use your fuel card to purchase gas or fuel and things relating to vehicle maintenance.

Is Fuelman a credit card?

Yes, most fuel cards are credit cards and some of them are actually charge cards. They can only be used to purchase gas and vehicle maintenance-related services. Fuel cards can be accepted anywhere that master cards are accepted.



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