Facebook Valentine’s Day – Valentine’s Day Contest on Facebook

December 14th is a world-famous love day, and users are concerned about how to spend their Facebook Valentine’s Day. Just as some other people spend valentine’s day in their fun way on land, there are activities that can be done on Facebook.

Facebook Valentine's Day
Facebook Valentine’s Day


Facebook Valentine’s Day simply refers to how you can talk advantage of your Valentine on Facebook. Valentine means love, so literally, it’s either you are celebrating your day with your love or you are deeply in search of true love.

Looking for a good article on Facebook Valentine’s, then this content is just for you. Read more for other information about how to run a Facebook contest on Valentine’s Day.

Facebook Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day inspires many of us to share stories about relationships and to point out love, both on and off Facebook. This Valentine’s Day, the Facebook Data Science team is showing their love for data through a series of relationship-related posts.

Valentine’s Day For Facebook

Here’s a set of original research on the character of relationships and other Valentine’s Day topics that the team has explored in the week.

Love and Religion

A look at people in relationships on Facebook who have listed their religion. Revealing that interfaith relationships are rare in most countries, especially among married couples and older people.

The Age of Affection

An exploration of age differences between people in relationships around the world. Finding that among opposite-sex couples, males are consistently 2-5 years older than females. And these differences are higher for same-sex couples.

Looking for Love

The team identified the simplest cities for single people measured along three dimensions. Percentage of single people, probability of relationship formation, and single female-to-male ratio.

Facebook Valentine’s Day Contest

Follow these key points on the way to run a Facebook contest this Valentine’s Day:

Using Valentine’s Day to Get More Fans

Surprisingly enough, Valentine’s Day offers those looking to raise engagement with their fans an incredible thanks to generate more fans. This will be done through a variety of questions or videos asking fans to share the love of what your page has got to offer.

Remember that this could never be heavy-handed. Instead, treat it lightly, and ask those that support you to spread that support within the name of the Valentine’s Day spirit.

Using Valentine’s Day to Collect User-Generated Content

Valentine’s Day may be a good way to interact with your fans and obtain them to get content through a shared experience. For instance, ask your fans to try a brief video, wear their Valentine’s Day outfits, and photograph themselves.

Or maybe make decorations and have a contest hosted by you’re all ways to bring them in. With their content, you’ll help make your page an exciting place for others to see, helping you to beat up support and buzz surrounding what you are doing.

Use Valentine’s Day to Collect Information From Your Fans

Every person features a Valentine’s Day story they’re willing to share. As those on Facebook have realized when asking, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to collect information from your fans. While this will be done through a generated content contest as talked about above, it also can be done more directly by posing for their stories.

Use Valentine’s Day to Get Your Own Buzz

All of the above suggestions will help to make buzz surrounding your Facebook page. Additionally, you’ll consider buzz-generating techniques which will help to directly get people to speak about your page. For instance, open-ended questions are often fun thanks to engaging an outsized number of individuals.

Questions like “The most romantic movie is ________” help to interact with people while also being relevant to Valentine’s Day. Consider Valentine’s Day questions that you simply can ask, and write out a couple of them. Test them on friends and family first to ascertain what people are really excited to answer.



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