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Facebook users. What makes social networks a channel for business is the number of users that each of them has. Active users in a month of the main social networks (Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, and Pinterest). As of January 2021 according to the Digital 2021 Global Digital Overview study carried out by the companies we shall be discussing the active users on Facebook and some other social media platform.

Facebook Users

Facebook Users

As of January 2017, statistics from We Are Social and Hootsuite showed how many users Facebook has in the world: 2.167 million active users each month. By January 2020 the figure was already 2.44 billion.

Facebook has maintained first place in the list of social networks with the highest number of active users in the world. However, just a couple of years ago the advantage was much wider than now, many other social networks are growing and closing this gap more and more.

When Facebook is used properly in the Social Media Marketing strategy, it is possible to generate significant audience traffic of value for the brand to the website, which is where we sell.

Growth like this forces those responsible for social networks in companies to include it in the Social Media Marketing strategies of all companies regardless of their size, category, and audience.

Based on thorough research, 44% of the potential reach of Facebook ads is women and 56% are men. 36% of the world’s people over 13 years old access Facebook. The vast majority of users access through mobile devices (smartphones). The foregoing makes it important that all links from this social network to the website or electronic store must have a good browsing experience on this type of device.

When reviewing the ranking of the 20 countries with the largest Facebook audience, we identified several countries: Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and Argentina.

Active Instagram Users

Instagram has more than 1,221 million active users in a month. This is one of the fastest-growing social networks.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram does not allow you to generate traffic to the website with publications on its timeline. However, it must be included in the Marketing strategy in Social Networks due to its significant growth since it allows you to bring your brand closer to its audience.

Active WhatsApp Users

WhatsApp has more than 2 billion active users in a month. Although this is not considered a social network. It is a very important communication channel for companies. Because WhatsApp is a very personal means of communication. It should only be used for the operation of the business and not to execute commercial and marketing strategies.

Active Twitter Users

Twitter has more than 353 million active users in a month.

This social network is one of those that have slower growth. However, it becomes essential for the social media marketing strategy due to several aspects:

  • Your strength in real-time information.
  • It can become the official means of communication for brands.
  • It is a social network that is mostly public, which allows brands to carry out social listening through it.

Twitter users by age range differ significantly with Facebook and Instagram, highlighting the important access of men in the range of 35 to 49 years.

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