Facebook Singles Dating Feature: Facebook Dating | Facebook Dating App

Facebook Singles Dating feature is a dating platform created for FB singles by FB so as to enable its users who are single to find their potential suitors. This platform is an online platform, and it gives FB singles the opportunity of finding their match or change their relationship status from the comfort of their mobile device.

Facebook Singles Dating

Facebook Singles Dating Feature

Facebook Singles Dating is available to as many FB users that are interested in changing their relationship status. It is also available to individuals who are not FB users. This set of persons who are not on FB but have an interest in changing their relationship status can access the FB dating app by first creating a FB account.

Creating a FB account will allow individuals to get access to the FB dating platform, this is the only way out because the FB dating app does not have a separate app, it was built into the main FB app, so anyone who wants to access the FB dating app will need to have a FB account. After creating a FB account, the next step will be to activating FB dating.

How Facebook Dating Works

Before we learn how to activate FB dating, let’s find out how FB dating works, let’s get familiar with FB dating so we can know what we are signing up for.

  • Before you can enable Facebook dating, you must first set up a Facebook account. It is important because the FB dating app does not have a separate app on its own.
  • Since the dating feature draws information from your regular profile you will need to fill it out as much as possible.
  • There is no separate Facebook dating app or Facebook dating site. It is built into the Facebook mobile app.
  • The pictures and other content that you share via Facebook dating does not appear on your regular Facebook profile.
  • Your conversations on Facebook dating are kept separate from your Facebook messenger conversation.
  • And If you become Facebook friends with Someone after matching with them on Facebook, you can still see their dating profile.

The information above will educate you on how the FB dating app works.

How to Activate Facebook Dating

Now that you have learned how the FB dating app works, the next step will be to learn how to activate FB dating. And I am very sure that you are very much interested in activating FB dating, so if you fall under this category, slide down with me as we learn how to activate FB dating.

  • Start the Facebook application and click on the hamburger menu which is to the upper right side of the “Your Feeds” tab.
  • Then click on Dating.
  • Now you need to follow these instructions which will help you set up a dating profile. Once you share your location and add a photo to the account, the profile will get created using this information.
  • The dating profile could be customized more by uploading more info, pictures, and Instagram posts. And when you feel that all is set, and you are good to go, tap on Done to wrap up the process.


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