Facebook Releases Dating for All – Dating in Facebook Free | Facebook Dating Countries

Did you know Facebook Releases Dating for All? Like other dating apps, Facebook has officially launched a dating app for its users. This app is contained on the Facebook latest updated version and available only to a few countries.

Facebook Releases Dating for All

It will be launched in other countries soon. For online date of love-seekers, this is your chance of getting connected to other singles worldwide. Facebook connects over billions of users worldwide, and this is the benefit of finding true love among other single Facebook users.

Facebook Releases Dating for All

Today I am going to be telling you all the details about the Facebook Dating app and how it works. Now I will also tell you how to know if the Facebook dating app is available in your country and how to access it. But if you want to know all these things then you will have to keep on reading and you will get all the necessary information.

Facebook Dating Countries

The Facebook Dating App along with site other new Facebook features has been launched to Facebook users. You can find love through what you and the other user have in common, like interests, events, and groups. You are only required to create your Facebook dating profile to participate in it. The Facebook Dating App can only be accessed by users aged 18 and above. The few countries to which the Facebook Dating App has been launched include: Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Chile, Canada, Malaysia, Laos, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay, Mexico, the Philippines, Suriname, Singapore, Uruguay, Thailand, Vietnam, and the United States of America.

Dating in Facebook Free

After you have been signed in to your Facebook account, you can then get to create your Facebook dating profile using the procedure below:

  • Launch the updated version of the Facebook app.
  • Tap on the menu from the top left corner of the Facebook homepage.
  • Scroll and tap on Dating.
  • Create your profile by providing information like your gender and location.
  • Put in order 12 tiles containing either a photo or an answer to the Facebook Dating questions.
  • Upload your photos which can be of a maximum of 9.
  • Specify your match preference in the Facebook Dating settings.

These are the steps to follow and you will create a Facebook dating profile.


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