Facebook Quizzes – How Facebook Quizzes help Businesses in Different Ways

Are you thinking about Facebook Quizzes? Facebook has gone from a place where we can foster or make connections, share videos, photos, and all to a place where business can thrive and grow to become a brand.

Facebook has been efficiently used by business owners to run their businesses in many ways. And one of the many ways of creating content on Facebook that stands out is through quizzes. And that’s what we shall be looking at in detail, in this article.

Facebook Quizzes

Facebook quizzes are factual and informative pieces of content that are shared on social media platforms. As a matter of fact, a lot of people love taking Facebook quizzes. These quizzes help businesses to deliver value and gain insight into their current and potential customers. And for this reason, it is important to know how to set up eye-catching of this Facebook feature.

How Facebook Quizzes help Businesses in Different Ways

Facebook quizzes bring value to the business in different ways, and some of these ways include the following below:

Increase Brand Awareness

The more likes and shares your quizzes get on Facebook, the more people tend to see it. And if your quiz is interesting and eye-catching, more users will share to their friends. Which gets more and more people to be aware and engaged of your business and brand.

Lead Generation – Facebook Quizzes

Regardless of what kind of business you do online, the common major goal in all businesses is to generate leads. And one major reason why a lot of businesses create Facebook quizzes is that this is one of the easiest means to generate leads. A carefully drafted Facebook quiz that includes a lead form can get you qualified faster than other means of generating leads out there.

Increase Web Traffic

Another ultimate goal for businesses on social media is to drive customers to their websites to patronize their goods and services. Facebook quizzes can help traffic to your website in different ways – you can provide backlinks about your products. Also, you can add relevant links to other content on your website, like blog articles and landing pages.

Perform Market Research – Facebook Quizzes

Facebook quizzes are an excellent way to learn more about your potential customers. Facebook quizzes can be used to do the following:

  • Assess their satisfaction with your products and services
  • Learn about their demographics and interests.
  • Determine what kind of product they’ll be interested in, in the future…and many more.

Tips for Creating a Fun and Interesting Facebook Quiz

Like I said earlier, a very good drafted Facebook quiz is all you need to put you on the right path to growing your brand and business online. Here are a few takeaways from this article to help you in creating a very eye-catching Facebook quiz:

  • Make it fun – Always approach your quizzes from an audience’s perspective, and make sure it’s engaging enough rather than making it look so much like an ad.
  • It has to be visually appealing – it’s important to make your quizzes look good because if the appearance doesn’t look good, you can be sure that it will attract people.
  • Keep it short – it’s a quiz, and not a test, so keep it simple and short.
  • Use images and videos – you should use images, videos, and GIFs, but with moderation though, so that it doesn’t take away the user from the focus of the quiz.
  • Include a lead from – it is advisable to draft a carefully customized lead form that you can use for lead generation.

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