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Have you heard of the Facebook Portal device? This is a tool made for Facebook account owners who are die-hard fans of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram social media. Instead of carrying your mobile device everywhere, you go to access the Facebook feeds and activities, the Facebook Portal comes with an inbuilt Alexa smart assistance to aid voice commands. The device is used for video calling and also for photo frames showing all your set images you want to display. The Facebook Portal device can be gotten online for chap prizes.

Facebook Portal

Facebook Portal

This device is a brand of smart displays and video phones developed in 2018 by Facebook. The Facebook Portal is a video calling hub with a built-in Alexa smart assistant for Facebook account owners. It can also be used as a digital photo frame displaying your favorite albums from your Facebook account. Since Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram work the same, you can get to make calls through WhatsApp and also display images from your Instafeed too. The Facebook Portal frees your hands up from holding a screen when chatting to loved one’s ad it has an indigenous wide angles AI-powered camera that can zoom in automatically or pans out to keep everyone in the frame.

Uses of Facebook Portal (Setup)

The Facebook Portal has various uses. There are a lot of activities that users can get to use the Facebook Portal for. Some of the uses of this device are:

  • It can be used to watch Facebook featured videos, watch live stream videos from gamers.
  • You can also use the device to play iJerat Radio, Spotify, and Pandora playlists on the Portal. There are add-ons you can get on the Portal once you tap on the Portal App Icon.
  • It can control where people call you.
  • There is a storytime feature that users can use to tell stories via the Story Time Icon.
  • It can be used to add local weather.
  • Can be used as a zoom-in device for users who have trouble seeing clearly.

There are other useful activities that users can get to use the Facebook Portal for.

Facebook Portal Devices (Versions)

The Facebook Portal comes in four different types of formats. Below listed are the types of Facebook Portal there is:

  • Portal – 10” inch in size.
  • The Portal Mini – 8” inch in size.
  • Portal+ – 15.6” inch n size.
  • Portal TV –this is a small device that looks like the webcam that connects to your television converting it into a large video screen.

Facebook Portal Review

Facebook Portal device is a good device for family members who feel to stay in touch, as well as Facebook video chatting. But do not have much to offer outside of those activities walls. It comes with impressive camera tech and with a new design.


These are the advantages of Facebook Portals:

  • It comes with great call quality.
  • The Facebook Portal has neat hardware.
  • It has a clever camera tech.

The misfunctionalities of the Facebook Portals are:

  • It has limited functionality.
  • WhatsApp required your phone.

Key Specifications

The Facebook Portal is meant for die-hard Facebook fans only, but there are better smart displays made for everyone. These are the key specifications for the Facebook Portal:

  • It has a review price of about £79.
  • 13-megapixel webcam.
  • Amazon Alexa built-in.
  • 1280*800 display resolution.
  • It has an 8-inch display (mini), 10-inch display (portal).

Is there a monthly fee for Facebook Portal?

No, there isn’t. Once you have bought the Facebook Portal device, you can use it completely free provided you have a Facebook account.

Are The Devices Secure?

The Facebook team has claimed that the Facebook Portal devices do not listen to, view, or store and keep records for your video calls. It cannot use your calls for advertising purposes. Calls made on the Facebook Portals are encrypted, and it runs and operates with a local camera and microphone Ai technology themselves (not on Facebook servers).

Where can I buy one?

You can get the Facebook Portal on the Amazon store, Best Buy, B&H, and New EGG. Currently, the Portal+ is only b shipped right from the Facebook Portal online store.


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