Facebook Pixel Helper Firefox: Install and Uninstall the Facebook Pixel Helper

Speaking of Facebook Pixel Helper Firefox, the Facebook pixel helper is well known for its ability to check out the state or quality of the Facebook pixel integrated into your website. Through this troubleshooting tool, you can detect if there I Facebook pixel present on the website through the browser. Now, with the Mozilla Firefox browser having the troubleshooting tool acting as an extension can be used in operation.

Facebook Pixel Helper Firefox

Facebook Pixel Helper Firefox

Using the Facebook pixel helper via the Firefox browser is so effective. Although, it’s not yet official but still functional on the browser, so when any problem is being encountered, it can be reported on the firefox issues page. It is included among their add-ons as it is being used as an extension on the browser to access data for all websites you log on to.

Facebook Pixel Helper Firefox Download

If you are looking for the know-how to download the Facebook pixel helper via Firefox browser, then you are on the right page. In spite of the fact that the Google Chrome browser is the only recommended browser by Facebook. Notwithstanding, that of Mozilla Firefox still acts as the same one in the chrome browser.

Just like the chrome browser, you have to go to the Mozilla firefox website to download the extension. So, firstly, go to https://addons.mozilla.org/ and search the add-on by inputting the keyword ‘ff Facebook pixel helper’ into the search bar. Click the extension found on the search results and a page will open displaying the pixel helper extension. Then, click the download file option to begin download.

Features of the Facebook Pixel Helper

Despite the fact only Google chrome browser was made official, the Mozilla Firefox browser has being able to get the Facebook pixel helper as one of their extensions. Although, it is not yet recommended by the Facebook incorporation, yet it’s still functional and have the same features. The pixel helper helps in checking the errors associated with the Facebook pixel and also knowing if it is present on the website

It lets you know if you are opted in or out of tracking from Facebook showing that the events of your tracking is not yet processed. As of such, Facebook can’t probe into the cause of the problem associated with the pixel. Luckily, this can be adjusted in the Facebook settings where you need to opt back in. If it still persist, then you need to update your settings.

Other Features of Facebook Pixel Helper Firefox

The Facebook pixel helper you show the number of pixels on the page through a pop-up message. It can as well show errors, warnings, or any problem associated with the installation of the Facebook pixel. To show that your Facebook pixel has being installed properly, there won’t be any error displayed on the tool. With this tool, real-time event data and that of the conversion of your Facebook ad campaign.

There are lots of errors that are associated with the Facebook pixel and the Facebook pixel helper shows you these errors. When your Facebook pixel ID is not valid, it also displays on the pixel helper. Moreover, you can as well know if you have an installed pixel which does not make a list of standard events.


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