Facebook News Feed Algorithm Update – Facebook News Feed Update | How to Hide Facebook Ad Topics

Facebook Newsfeed has been around for a while now but recently some changes were made. These changes were tagged as the “Facebook News Feed Algorithm Update”. The major aim of this update is to help reduce spammy activities on the social media platform. There is a lot going on on Facebook as a social media platform.

What’s more, is that there is a lot you stand to gain. First things first, before you can enjoy the benefits of the platform, you must be a registered user. To register for an account the platform, you must be at least 13 years of age or older.

Facebook News Feed Algorithm Update

Facebook News Feed Algorithm Update

One of the amazing benefits of having an account with Facebook is that they allow you to send and receive messages for free. You can send messages to anyone with this platform no matter what country they are in. However, they too must have an account with the platform. Back to our topic of discussion “Facebook News Feed Algorithm Update”, on the social media platform, one might find posts that are not appealing. This is the reason an algorithm update was made. This update is targeted at removing fishy posts from the timeline of every user on the platform.

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How Does Facebook Newsfeed Work

Facebook newsfeed is the constantly updating list of stories on your home page. These include status updates, photos, videos, links, apps, and also likes from people, pages, and the groups you follow. On your account Newsfeed, the major factors influencing the things you see are; the poster (who posted it), how other users engage with it, what kind of post, when the post was made. Also, how many other users have posted the same thing and also new products or features by Facebook. The posts you see in your Facebook Newsfeed are meant to keep you connected to the people, places, and things that you care about, starting with the friends and family you have on the platform.

Facebook posts that you see on the feed are influenced by the connections and activity you engaged in or with in the platform. Facebook News Feed is where all actions you take on the platform ae shown. Which includes the groups and pages you interact with.

How the Facebook News Feed Algorithm Works in 2020

The Facebook algorithm is now ranking the posts users see in the order that they are likely to enjoy them. This is actually based on some factors known as ranking signals. These ranking signals are data points about the way a user behaves on the platform and also how everyone else does on the platform. According to Hootsuite, “As of 2020, Facebook has stated that its focus is on helping users understand the algorithm and take control of those ranking signals to give it better feedback”.

Facebook News Feed Update

Let’s say, for instance, are users sharing these posts with their friends? How often do you like posts from your boss or colleagues? Posts from your mom? Do you watch live videos? Your favorite group on the platform? How new? And many others. The news feed algorithm weighs these factors before it shows a post to you. The three main categories of the ranking signals are;

  • Who the user interacts with typically.
  • The kind of media included in the post such as video, link, etc.
  • And how popular the post is.

With this tool now, Facebook now shows you exactly what you like to engage with or see on the platform.

How to Hide Facebook Ad Topics

Although you can’t opt-out of seeing ads entirely, you can influence the types of ads you see by hiding ads and the advertisers you don’t want to see. Hiding an ad on Facebook is simple and fast to do. To hide an ad on your account, follow the steps below;

  • Open your Facebook account on the app or web.
  • Then tap on “Settings and Privacy” and choose “Settings” from the list of options.
  • Then scroll down and select “Ad Preferences” and then hit on “Hide Ad Topics”.
  • Now, choose the topics you’d like to hide and the duration you wish to hide the ad for.

There you have it, simply follow the steps above to hide the ad types you don’t wish to see.

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