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The Bowery Farming, as the name depicts, is a company that is into farming. The company prides itself as a modern farming company reimagining what a flavorful future tastes like. The company is in the growth of fresh local foods. Also, the company grows most of the purest produce imaginable. The company builds smart, indoor farms that create the ideal growing environment for plants to thrive. The company employs this indoor growing method so as to protect the grown plants are protected from things like inclement weather and pests. This goes to say that the Bowery Farming Company can grow their produce year-round with zero pesticides.

Bowery Farming

Bowery Farming

The company was originally called Bouwerij, the Old Dutch word for farm. The company was named after a historic New York City neighborhood. The Bowery was then settled by the Dutch in 1654 and served as the great connector of farmlands to the heart of the city through the seventeenth century.

The Bowery Farming company started officially in 2015 with the belief that technology and innovation could be a driving force behind re-imaging our food system for the better. The company grows its produce to withstand weather, pesticides, and long-distance travel, all of which diminishes the flavor and nutritional vitality produce is meant to have.

The Bowery Farming works with a mission of re-imagining farming from the ground up so that tomorrow always tastes better than today. The vision the company runs with is using farming to give more to people and the planet than it takes.

Bowery Farming Produce

The products of the company are mostly farm produce. The Bowery Farming currently sells an assortment of leafy greens and herbs. The produce from the Bowery Farming is all greens and are grouped in four distinct categories. They are;

  • Lettuces.
  • Blends.
  • Dark leafy greens.
  • Herbs.


  • Baby Butter Lettuce
  • Baby Romaine
  • Crispy Leaf


  • Baby Kale Blend
  • Spring blend

Dark leafy greens

  • Arugula
  • Baby Kale
  • Bok Choy


  • Basil
  • Cilantro
  • Parsley

Because the farm practices locally indoors farming, the products are naturally protected and always fresh.

Produce Purchase

The produce of the farming can be found and purchased in different locations. Bowery currently grows and sells produce out of our New Jersey and Maryland farm locations. The produce can also be found at the local supermarket or specialty store around the farms. However, the company does not ship directly to consumers.

Bowery Packaging

The company has always been concerned about how to package its products in a way that is easy, and friendly to the environment. The company uses 100% recycled and recyclable packaging materials, because most compostable end up in a landfill. The current packaging used for the products of the company is rPET #1 and is curbside recyclable.

How To Store Bowery Produce

The company, knowing their products are highly perishable, has in a way advised its customers and consumers on how to store their produce to make it last longer. The company suggests that leafy greens, cilantro, and parsley, can be kept refrigerated between 33 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit while basil can be stored at room temperature.

Bowery Farming Farms

The company has re-imagined farming from the ground up, growing their produce indoors instead of outdoors. Instead of focusing on seeds developed for drought or pest resistance, our agricultural scientists explore non-GMO varieties that deliver vibrant flavor in every single leaf.

The Bowery Company turns industrial spaces into smart farms where crops are stacked vertically to maximize space. When compared to outdoor operations, our indoor farms can yield 100 times more produce in the same space thanks to our vertically stacked design that grows crops year-round.

The company farm operating system provides our modern farmers with a granular view into the wellbeing of our plants while making nurturing updates in real-time. This result to produce that is naturally protected and wildly delicious.


The company takes out time to give out some of their sumptuous recipes to their customers and consumers to try and partakes in the goodness of their produce. Some of these recipes that are available are

  • Ribollita with Bowery Basil and Baby Kale.
  • Green Goddess Dressing With Bowery Basil.
  • “Cheesy” Vegan Bowery Arugula Dip.
  • Cauliflower “Wings” with Bowery’s Herbed Tahini Ranch.
  • Baby Romaine Lettuce Cups with Lemongrass Shrimp.
  • Bowery “Ranch-ish” Sauce.
  • Bowery Arugula & Sweet Pea Hummus.
  • The Bowery Arugula and Baby Kale Pesto with Spaghetti.
  • Bowery Arugula and Basil Salsa Verde.
  • Bowery Arugula Autumn Salad with Caribbean Colors.

These recipes are all available on the official web page here for everyone to try out.


Some of the careers options available at the Bowery Farming company are as follows;

  • Agricultural Science R&D Operations Lead.
  • Agricultural Scientist.
  • Controller.
  • Controls Technician.
  • Data Scientist, Analytics.
  • Facility Engineer.
  • FP&A Lead – Operations.
  • Independent Contractor Delivery Driver.
  • Maintenance Technician.
  • Operations Supervisor.
  • Payroll Manager.
  • Plant Breeder.
  • Production Team Lead.
  • R&D Farm Operator.
  • Regional Construction Project Manager.
  • Regional Controls Engineer.
  • Senior Data Scientist.
  • Warehouse Associate – Modern Farmer.
  • Warehouse Team Lead.

The benefits of being a part of the Bowery Farming company as an employee are;

  • Health & Wellness.
  • Financial & Retirement.
  • Vacation & Time Off.
  • Employee Resource Groups.
  • Events.

The company seeks the welfare of all its employees in order to harness the best and in turn get the desired results in the company and its products.



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