Facebook Marketplace Vacation Mode: How to Protect Yourself On Facebook Marketplace

Have you heard of the Facebook Marketplace Vacation Mode? Just like online platforms like Amazon, eBay, and much more where you can easily sell and buy products. Facebook has extended and widened its horizon through the introduction of an online marketplace feature that enables you to discover, buy and sell items to the people in your area and community.

Facebook Marketplace Vacation Mode

It is almost similar to other online marketplace like Amazon and eBay but the main difference is that it is much more social-oriented because you can chat with the other party over Facebook messenger and have access to their Facebook profile.

Facebook Marketplace Vacation Mode

Now switching to the topic of the main article, as a seller or buyer that has been making use of the Facebook marketplace, you can decide to stop using the application for a specific period by scheduling the vacation or quiet mode on Facebook. As we progress in this article we would be giving a more detailed explanation of what the Facebook marketplace place vacation mode is all about.

How Do I Put Facebook On Vacation Mode?

To access or put on the Facebook marketplace vacation mode or quiet mode is quite easy, all you need to do is to go to your settings menu on Facebook and click Your Time on Facebook. Then you go to Manage your time, where you can schedule Quiet Mode for a certain amount of time or use it immediately.

Can You Post On Marketplace Without Friends Seeing It?

All the products that you have posted in the marketplace can be viewed by anyone with access to your marketplace. All your products are not instantly published in a persons news feed and your friends will definitely not be notified about your products unless you choose  to share them with them

How To Make My Marketplace Private

For those who have found a need to make their marketplace private based on reasons best known to them, you are to follow the below instructions to do so successfully

  1. log in as an administrator,
  2. open the Admin panel,
  3. In the “Access preferences” section, check the “Allow only registered users to see listings and user profiles (make marketplace private)” box,

Why Is My Marketplace Location Wrong?

If your marketplace location is wrong there is absolutely no need to be worried or concerned all you need to do is just to go to the 3 dot menu on the right and Select Marketplace. Touch the wrong location and reset from there.

How to Protect Yourself On Facebook Marketplace

It is essential for you to stay safe when you are making use of the Facebook marketplace, to ensure your safety we have listed below some of the tips you can make use of to be safe when trading on the Facebook marketplace;

  1. Buy and Sell Locally.
  2. Check the Seller or Buyer’s Facebook Profile.
  3. Discuss the Details of the Transaction Before Meeting.
  4. Arrange an Instant Payment.
  5. Consider Bringing a Friend With You.
  6. Meet in a Public Place.
  7. Trust Your Instincts
  8. Don’t Divulge Personal Information.

Why Can’t I See My Items For Sale On Facebook?

If you cannot see your items for sale on the Facebook marketplace, you are to please try to update Facebook App if using a mobile device or clearing your cache if using a web browser, If after that you still experiencing this issue, please report it to Facebook.

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