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Everything you need Facebook Marketplace App 2021 is stated below. is a very popular social media platform that has a lot of features except the ones we are so conversant with which is finding friends, making new ones, and chatting with friends or in groups. Facebook, as we said earlier has a lot of features, one of them is the Facebook marketplace, Facebook marketplace is a business service of Facebook.

Facebook Marketplace App 2021

When we say Facebook, the marketplace is a business service, what we mean is that the services of Facebook marketplace are basically for the business owners. This feature allows you to put up, products and items for sale on the Marketplace where buyers can come in to buy any of the items.

Facebook Marketplace App 2021 | Facebook Marketplace App

Like most features of Facebook, the Facebook marketplace is integrated in the main app allowing you to access the feature without leaving Facebook. Unlike the Messenger app where it is entirely different from the main Facebook app.

If you are familiar with some e-commerce sites, then you have an insight of what Facebook marketplace is and how it works, just that in this case, you won’t need to download an app or log on to any site, once on Facebook, just tap the marketplace icon and that’s all you need to do to access the Facebook marketplace feature.

How can I use the Facebook Marketplace App?

First, of all, we have made it clear that there is no separate app for the Facebook marketplace feature, therefore, to use the Facebook marketplace you must go through Facebook. The implication of this is that without an active Facebook account you won’t be able to use Facebook marketplace, and also, you can only access this feature from the Facebook mobile app on your smartphone as the Facebook marketplace is yet to be introduced on the Facebook web version.

If you have some difficulties using Facebook marketplace then you are not up to 18 years old or Facebook marketplace is not yet available in your region. Also, make sure you are trying to use the feature from the Facebook mobile app or Lite app.

Selling on Facebook Marketplace

Selling on the Facebook marketplace is actually very easy and it is even one of the major reasons the Marketplace was first introduced; to make buying and selling easier. Follow the instructions below to start selling on the Facebook marketplace.

  1. Ensure you are connected to an active internet.
  2. Launch Facebook mobile app or lite app.
  3. Tap the storefront icon at the top of the page, this will take you to Facebook marketplace.
  4. Tap Sell on the top left corner.
  5. Choose a category for the item you are selling.
  6. The next step is filling all details for the items. Details to be filled includes;
    1. Image,
    2. Title,
    3. Description and;
    4. Price
  7. After filling all details, tap Next then finally tap Post to complete the whole process.

Just before posting your item for sale, Facebook allows you to select the targeted audience you would like the item or product to be advertised to.

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