Facebook Influencer Marketing – Facebook Influencer Marketing Ideas 

The idea behind Facebook influencer marketing is basically the same as any influencer marketing on other social media platforms. The basics are identifying a Facebook user with a huge and active follower base that has a significant percentage of your target audience. Then the brand will contact the Facebook influencer and discuss arrangements on posing their product on his/her page or timeline.

Facebook Influencer Marketing

New businesses and brands should keep in mind that Facebook influencers are to be compensated for their services. While some growing or upcoming influencers might charge some businesses for discounts on products or free products most of these influencers, compensation and charges can be discussed between brand and influencer after collaboration has been discussed.

Facebook Influencer Marketing

Once the brand and influencer come to an agreement, the influence will create an agreed number of posts about the brand’s product at specific times. The influencer might even post a clip of himself/herself using the brand’s product or hiring their services.

Based on the fact that the content is from an influencer and not a brand, there is a bigger opportunity of pushing the product to the audience that needs it, that’s not just it, the audience is even more likely to trust a product recommendation from an influencer than a brand.

Facebook Influencer Marketing Ideas

Facebook influencer marketing gives its influencers a lot of flexibility on the kind of content to create and post. Here we will be discussing some of the best content ideas we consider to be the best after thorough research. Here are some of the best Facebook influencer marketing ideas.

Videos – Videos only is estimated to take 1/3 of all online activities and 45% of people on the internet spender over an hour on Facebook and YouTube videos per week. With these stats, it makes every sense for influencers or brands to use videos to reach their target audience.

Facebook Live – Though young, very effective. Facebook live gives influencers and brands an opportunity to create content that feels real and in the moment. Here, influencers can be trying out the brand’s product or can be present at an event hosted or sponsored by the brand.

More Facebook Influencer Marketing Ideas

Contests – Contests are very effective ways to increase engagement and drive traffic to your site or page. One of the most common ways of doing this is by hosting giveaways. Cash could be given away, vouchers, or even the product.

Cross-Promotion – Many social media influencers are not just active only one social media, they use many of them and are active on all. This means multiple platforms to run your campaign. For instance, an influencer writes, and posts on his blog about your product then link it to his Facebook and all other social he is active on, this will target more audience across different platforms.

Brands will need to work with influencers to create a campaign to achieve their goal. The content the will be created by the influencer should be directly connected to the goals of the brand.

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