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Facebook Free Avatar Designer, are thinking about it? Lately, we have been hearing lots about this new feature called a Facebook avatar and if you also check-in be the blog you will find something to read on about it. Today what I will be talking about is Facebook Free Avatar Designer, what do you think this header has for us.

Facebook Free Avatar Designer

Let see more on what the header has for us, by reading through the other paragraph that comes after this very one. Right inside this same article, I will also tell you how you can access and make your own avatar, I wish you good luck as you move on to the next review.

Facebook Free Avatar Designer

As we all see in the article right in front of you now, the Facebook free avatar designer is known to be a maker of the avatar character. When it comes to design it consists of all the makeups that have to be done like we have the hair color, eye, nose, face shape, and all.

You will get to understand what I mean by all the things that I have just mentioned right now when you get to the page where you have to make your avatar. Looking into the header very clearly, you will see that there is a word there “FREE”. This is there to tell that the feature of the Facebook avatar is free to all users unless it is not yet available in your country.

Come to think of it, if you have tried accessing the avatar maker page but you can’t find it. The reason why you can’t find it is that the avatar feature is not yet available in your region, location, or country. But you don’t need to be worried over it because very soon the new feature of the avatar will get to your country. It is on his way to another country before the end of this year it might get to your country or location, all you need is to have some ideas about it.

Facebook Avatar

As I have told you before that before the end of the article, I will review to you what the Facebook avatar is, and here we are. Sit tight while I explain in full detail what the avatar is to you.

The Facebook avatar as I have said is a new feature that social media as brought out for its users to make use of. This new feature of a thing is a human cartoon character that can be used over the platform and it can only be used on the Facebook mobile app.

If you are not a mobile user, you can make use of the avatar feature and that takes us to.

Facebook Avatar App Download Free

I don’t want you to have yourself confused over this so I want to quickly tell you what the Facebook avatar app download free is. The avatar app you see here talks mainly about the Facebook mobile app, that is why I said you can only make use of or access the avatar feature on the Facebook app.

The avatar is the Facebook app and you need to download the mobile app before you can access the avatar and make your own. So, if you are a web user you can switch to the mobile app in other to take part in the new feature that I have been talking about.

To download the Facebook app, go to your smartphone app store and search for “Facebook” using the search box. When you are done, click the app and tap on the install button and you are through with the downloading process.

The app will automatically install itself on your smartphone once the download process is over. Now, you have to login your Facebook account into it before you can now access the avatar page. These now take us to how we can make our Facebook avatar by own self.

Facebook Avatar App Download Free

The Facebook avatar maker is also talking about the Facebook app because it is only through the Facebook app you can successfully create your own avatar. Now, how to make an avatar. Let proceed with the following steps below.

  • Open the Facebook app and log in to your account and then click the menu icon at the top of the app after opening it.
  • Move down and click “See More”.
  • Getting there, you will see an option named “Avatar” also click on it and tap on get started.
  • Choose your skin tone, the hairstyle you want for your avatar.
  • Then the face which includes the eye, shape, color, and all. When you are done, click the next button you see there to move over to the other page.
  • On this page, you need to make your body shape, choose your outfit, mouth shape, and when you are through with all the process click the done button you see there and you are done.

These are the steps on how you can make your own Facebook avatar and if you don’t have a Facebook account do so by creating one for yourself. By visiting Facebook or you can just create using the mobile app, thanks for your time wish you luck in making your own avatar.

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