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Everyone has been asking questions about the FB dating app on desktop. People really need to know if the dating platform is now available on desktop today. Facebook Dating Today on Desktop is a concern to those who use the FB dating app today. This set of people are tired of using their mobile devices for dating, they want to be able to make use of their desktop.

Facebook Dating Today on Desktop

Facebook Dating Today on Desktop

Well, in this article, we are going to be finding out if the FB dating app is now available on desktop. If you intend to find out too, you just need to stay on this article. Most people expect FB to have provided a desktop version of the FB dating app already. But the truth here is that Facebook Dating Today on Desktop is not yet available.

The FB platform has not yet provided a desktop version for its app yet. The dating app is only accessed through mobile devices which includes Android devices and iOS devices. So if are one of those who have been trying to download the desktop version of the FB dating app, here is your answer. All you need to do is rouse the mobile version of the app.

Facebook Dating

There are so many dating sites on the internet today which provide singles an avenue to hook up and find their soul mate. Even in the midst of these dating apps, the FB dating app stands out as one of the best dating platforms today. First, it is a free dating platform, its users are not required to pay any fee now or later in the cause of using the app.

Also, the fact that the FB dating app is free does not mean that FB dating has a poor feature. FB dating has a great feature and it does not share your dating information with the rest of the FB users, so the only way that people that are not been matched with you can find out you use FB dating is when you share it with them.

Facebook Dating App

The Facebook dating app is a standalone app that was built into the main FB to allow FB users to search for their perfect match. This app cannot be accessed on its own, it has to be accessed through the FB main app. It implies that to use the FB dating app, one needs to first have the FB main app.

The FB dating app is safe and secure to use. It has block features built into the dating app. In the privacy settings section of dating, you will be able to build a list of anyone you don’t want to have access to you or your profile within dating and block them by tapping on block people in dating.

The people you block will not be able to see your dating profile or send you a message, also FB will not suggest them to you as potential matches. Also, you should know that photos, links, payments, or even videos cannot be sent in FB dating messages. This means that you will not have to put up with annoying pictures.

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